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oh yeah. today isn't friday. where the fuck am I?
You got my hopes up.I don't like you anymore.
OAll these new pics have me craving my fish tail or mdr. Maybe next week also I don't have a toj tattoo, my artist and I incorporated it into a larger John coppidge tribute please don't change the name again
Sorry for the rehash, but I was able to take a photo not in the morning and not in the mirror that shows color and detail.
was gonna shoot hide-m an email on thursday, but it'll be this thursday now
posting after synthese cause i dont give a fuck need to find cameraman cause self shots ruined how the coat drapes toj/geller/pbj/mmmmmmmmm
VThe hurricane is delaying my pay which is delaying my guiding order. That said I know it's size up 1,but as a half ze 41.5 should I go with a 42 or 43? Anyone have outsole measurements for those?
well don't I look stupid now
especially when they ship out at the start of the week
Wait, who is saying that racism still isn't present in the US?
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