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Oh, so I can't buy it?
isn't he a maid?
Always wish there was an easy way to search for people's fits. I mean, I guess it's possible if they uploaded them all through the site, but a lot, including me, don't
sounds like a comedic heist movie in the making
that good old new apc feeling
988s in brown horse ordered. There's no going back. After this is there?
Need some cheapish grey jeans. No idea where to look, probably don't want raw or dark grey ones though, more of a medium if anything. Skinny / tapered of course.
Will be ordering a pair of high tops next week. Want something sleekish, similar to raf vandals. Any ideas?
okay so 986 and 988 difference is in the height of the shaft? didn't realize how custom custom was. in terms of leather what would be best for brown, calf, horse? definitely want smooth leather
This is why I'm happy for stock. Just gonna 46/small it and let it fly
New Posts  All Forums: