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Can't really tell since I got it in the spring and have only tried it on. Seems to be fairly warm since I got the polyfill lining.
..or you can just measure that jacket and compare it to the size charts they have
Not sure if the climate I live in is really suitable for the duffle I have and a fishtail. Fishtail or 2010 DR in calf...decisions, decisions.
Tempting. And I haven't even gotten a chance to wear the two jackets I ordered before the hiatus.
boring summer fit, it's still hot and humid
Buy a drying rack I guess?
I sized up one for the sweats and after a wash and dry they shrunk and fit fine. Shorts I went TTS and probably will just hang dry them.
remember when this thread was about cars? good times.
ebay has a bunch up too
I wear a small and kinda raise my eyebrow at people wanting more of a taper, so that might be it.
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