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mmm eboutique, though going back to look at it they're more blue than navy and now i'm wishy washy about it again.
Well I think I might grab the margiela velcro highs in navy now. I've seen some pictures that make them look real dark, anyone know how true that is / if it would look too matchy with indigo denim? Couldn't find any grey is 42s sadly.
sometimes I wish ToJ had made its way into my life sooner then i'd have a wallet and a bunch of ma-1s.
Hmm, true. I already have white cps/gats though, but I don't have any grey and only one pair of black jeans.
so... ? Didn't see any balenciagas I liked (the goods ones all sold out) and I couldn't find any of the mmm velcro highs either.
Oh, so I can't buy it?
isn't he a maid?
Always wish there was an easy way to search for people's fits. I mean, I guess it's possible if they uploaded them all through the site, but a lot, including me, don't
sounds like a comedic heist movie in the making
that good old new apc feeling
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