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I wish I got a collar on my moto. Now I'll live with this regret for the rest of my life.
Well uh...the game isn't out until 2014.
Sorry to hear man. Is it something that's less pronounced when the jacket isn't zipped up?
Can't you just decline to fulfill the order? Might get neg rep though, but really, the rep system on ebay is shit anyways.
can't hurt to go to a mac store, try some out and be brain washed probably a mba, even though the screen is mediocre i'm just a big proponent for lenovo because i find the nub way better to use (for me) than any trackpad, and i used to own a mbp
I like using foobar2000. it's a simple, light, customization program. if you don't need to sync anything (which i imagine is why most people use itunes for their iphones) then it's perfect. might look at something like winamp too. can't speak for the samsung's durability, but it feels nice, is very light and portable though. i've owned lenovos all my life though and they've been absolutely reliable throughout. not sure if you're looking for something slim/portable or that...
lol nerds. the only cool way to do it is to build your own desktop awwwwwwwwwwww hell no T. itunes is the shittiest piece of software that has ever stained my os. i'd do a fresh install if it somehow ever go back on there. Lenovo X1 is pretty good, might be able to find something in their think/idea pad lines that you might like. Samsung Series 9 Ultrabooks are good. I don't care for all these "look, it's a laptop, WAIT A MINUTE NOW IT'S A TABLET" things coming out...
Look, I don't believe they would vindictively sabotage your order for any reason. Thinking that they would is just being paranoid.
Actually you're being a cunt
Those are questions that can only be answered if he works with Charly. Which he refuses to. As such no one knows if it fell through the cracks or is simply a part of the huge backlog.
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