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at least i now have a definitive answer as to whether or not i'm getting my wallet spoilers: it's a no
only in japan could someone pull that out of their back pocketanyways, go to a maid cafe, then grab some cc lemon and pocari sweat and call it a daygiant gundam if that's still up
minor nitpick, but any chance we'll be able to see if things are out of stock when we click the size drop down instead of having to select that size first? there's always that moment of thinking it's in stock in my size, only to select it and see the out of stock text below
I'd join in but moved out a few months ago for a job
Drew, have you shipped any small wallets? or Has anyone received confirmation of one being sent?
this season's +j suit jacket fits weird. xs and s were too small in the chest but an xs from last season's fit fine
my butt is clenched for a wallet update
Shoulder - 17 P2P - 19.5 Front length - 26 Sleeve length - 25
i only get super depressed about video games. i'm just irked at being out a hundred bucks or so
ok, so i'm definitely not getting the wallet now
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