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ctrl+f "vagrant story" 0 of 0 damn casuals
the newest styleforum affiliate making threads seems like a dick
None of them are coming out this year. I was talking about being announced at E3, which all three were.
The three things I wanted for years but never expected to happened somehow all happened within the same year, what the fuck. How will they top this next year. Jesus.
do you work for taco bell?
oh, when i saw this pic i thought you guys were just in front of a uniqlo, not in japan
why not 203 aza ($380.00) 204 whiskey ($780.00) 205 .mavErick ($780.00) 206 thundercloud ($380.00) 207 axroox ($380) 208 Heymanniceshot ($780.00) 209 mildperil35 ($885) 210 lesamourai ($135.00)
at least i now have a definitive answer as to whether or not i'm getting my wallet spoilers: it's a no
only in japan could someone pull that out of their back pocketanyways, go to a maid cafe, then grab some cc lemon and pocari sweat and call it a daygiant gundam if that's still up
minor nitpick, but any chance we'll be able to see if things are out of stock when we click the size drop down instead of having to select that size first? there's always that moment of thinking it's in stock in my size, only to select it and see the out of stock text below
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