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I'd join in but moved out a few months ago for a job
Drew, have you shipped any small wallets? or Has anyone received confirmation of one being sent?
this season's +j suit jacket fits weird. xs and s were too small in the chest but an xs from last season's fit fine
my butt is clenched for a wallet update
Shoulder - 17 P2P - 19.5 Front length - 26 Sleeve length - 25
i only get super depressed about video games. i'm just irked at being out a hundred bucks or so
ok, so i'm definitely not getting the wallet now
black frayed wool P2P 19.25 Shoulder 17 Back length 27 Sleeves 25 price drop - includes shipping
Waist - 16.25 Leg opening - 7.25 Inseam - 26.75
what's the t shirt?
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