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Don't care about Eva's plot, just care about Mitsuo Iso's animated fight scene in EoE.
The Castle of Cagliostro always gets the shaft
I can't argue with Windmill Gundam and a colony shaped like a sombrero.
ok what the fuck
I'll never understand who thought an English live action version of Kite was a good idea.
Maybe try some of Satoshi Kon's films instead of jumping into Evangelion. Stuff like Paprika, Perfect Blue and Tokyo Godfathers.Also, been a week and three emails and haven't heard back from a store...I guess chargeback is my only option?
Has anyone heard from their customer service recently? Trying to return something and they haven't responded in four days or so
where to get cheap navy dress pants uniqlo and yoox have failed me
i feel like that site should have supplied an ad that doesn't cut off 50% of its content
A bit too small for me, not a lot of wear final drop
New Posts  All Forums: