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Sony: 7 Million PS4s sold http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/04/16/ps4-hits-7-million-globally/#sf2613495 Microsoft: 5 Million Xbox Ones shipped http://news.xbox.com/2014/04/xbox-one-march-npd lol
i was just bitching about the lack of leather jacket weather too
those patterns are giving me seizures the good kind
Thanks, I've never ordered from ToJ before. You should probably edit my post out since I'm talking about a CDG wallet, not ToJ ones.
that dip dye need to be redone oh god. i'm part of the problem
The wallet I have now is 3.75 x 4.25 which feels pretty much perfect, so the small is tempting. But that gold ToJ logo. Hmmmmm.
End is pretty shitty. I bought a backpack from them and after a week of no contact I had to email them to find out that it was now out of stock and to get them to refund me. Won't stop there again.
Frozen x KLK fan art is a great reminder that you really can find anything on the internet.
This isn't a forum for cats
Hasn't been getting much wear. It's dark brown goat with gunmetal zippers and should fit a 44 or 46 fine. Price is shipped CONUS. shoulders - 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) - 19.0" midsection - 17.0" waist - 17.4" body length, front - 21.5" body length, back - 22.7" sleeve length, from shoulder- 24.0" sleeve width @ pit - 6.5" sleeve width @ elbow - 5.9" sleeve width @ cuff - 5.4"
New Posts  All Forums: