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That's great news, was looking for a mid weight jacket since mine wardrobe is either light or heavy at the moment.
Xpresspost I think? That's the cheapest one with tracking. Will probably be 25-30 CAD.I hate that with USPS you're pretty much forced to go with Express for tracking internationally.
I have an ervell shirt that's a bit big on me despite being an xs, says hand wash hang dry, was thinking about putting it in the dryer to get it to shrink down a bit.
At least you'll get some refreshments.Why can't Philadelphia have a decent store.
No, it's tracking time, then it's miss the postman time, then it's head to the post office to pick up your jacket time, then it's party time.
Don't wear suede in the rain. Goat needs no help.
Happy birthday to Brad. At least we're all older that koy
Is drew willing to take up the mantle of uncle?
I'm always taken aback at the amount of siblings mcarthur must have to have that many nephews.
fuck this shit. i'm going back to the waywt thread to talk about anime.
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