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lucky for you i asked the same question and got a reply from the man himself, if we're talking about the nylon ones.
Why has Dan forsaken me
In my quest to wear something other than my white gats I bought these
Mobile version is great. Would allowing users to hide pictures and gifs be feasible? Would help with load times, data usage and then if we wanted to see a pic we could just click on the placeholder to load it.
Mobile is great except for not being able to see how many thumbs something has. Now I don't know if I should like it or not.
Not even a week.
So I've worn the boots twice and this happens And of course h&m, the store I bought them at or the call center won't do anything because I wore them. Time to find a cobbler I guess. First and last time I go to h&m.
I got a usps notice and thought for a brief moment that it might be a surprise toj, but it's probably just a phone charger. I also want a jacket with a regular collar now.
Well the handle on the margiela bag broke while walking back from h&m, so if that's an indicator of quality...
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