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When I wear my ToJ trousers and a white shirt I feel like a waiter. But a waiter at one of those really nice places that doesn't have the price on the menu.
Just bought brown boots now I feel like I need a brown jacket to go with it. That and I'd like to get some use out of my silver club before the switch to JC. A-1? DR 2010? T-1/3?
Everyone wanting a nylon ma-1 should just get a goat leather ma-1. It's waterproof.
Oh, okay. I get it. Thanks.While I don't particularly care for cats, any murders have been avoided.
I bought the Astor scarf. How the fuck do I wear this thing
i'm skinny and have a moto
I'd be cool with getting some nice daffodils.
They had them a few weeks ago, not in size 42 though. I looked.
They were the pair I was looking for before I bought my white ones.
Yeah, I have nails in them now.
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