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i think i'm ready to cop again [[SPOILER]]
Dark Grey wool with black leather trim and quilted polyfill insulation. Price is shipped US.
me being bad at photography = continuous disproportionate fit pics
we're getting video of this, right?
These are what I'm trying to replaceI'll take a look at what JE&C have, guess that means I'll venture into that thread.I tried Acne jeans once, but apparently I was too fat for them.And of course the eboutique isn't working now
saw the mmm ones but I was looking for a darker black
Stores or brands? Stores most places I can think of. Brands I was looking at some things on sale, geller, drkshdw, won hundred, apc, etc., just doesn't seem to be anything in my size that I want at this point.
I can't find a good pair of black jeans for the life of me
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