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well shit, i missed out. i hope i can nab a brick one from nmwa then, tts i'm assuming? wait, unless they got brick and charcoal in which case ???
did you contact the seller yet? if they say no then you can go dispute through paypal and they'll probably side in your favor, especially if they didn't mention the tag / stain in the original posting
Yeah they're pretty polarizing people either like them or laugh at them
Late to the thread, any chance of more colors on the future? Was thinking of ordering a grey moto after seeing some results in the thread
huh, well that's some crazy shit
Probably put a couple hundred hours into 14 ARR. I skip all the story stuff, because really, who cares, but they did get a chuckle out of a few of the pun related quest names from me.Also, fuck me for not being a software engineer or whatever and making 100k.
ctrl+f "vagrant story" 0 of 0 damn casuals
the newest styleforum affiliate making threads seems like a dick
None of them are coming out this year. I was talking about being announced at E3, which all three were.
The three things I wanted for years but never expected to happened somehow all happened within the same year, what the fuck. How will they top this next year. Jesus.
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