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that dip dye need to be redone oh god. i'm part of the problem
The wallet I have now is 3.75 x 4.25 which feels pretty much perfect, so the small is tempting. But that gold ToJ logo. Hmmmmm.
End is pretty shitty. I bought a backpack from them and after a week of no contact I had to email them to find out that it was now out of stock and to get them to refund me. Won't stop there again.
Frozen x KLK fan art is a great reminder that you really can find anything on the internet.
This isn't a forum for cats
Hasn't been getting much wear. It's dark brown goat with gunmetal zippers and should fit a 44 or 46 fine. Price is shipped CONUS. shoulders - 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) - 19.0" midsection - 17.0" waist - 17.4" body length, front - 21.5" body length, back - 22.7" sleeve length, from shoulder- 24.0" sleeve width @ pit - 6.5" sleeve width @ elbow - 5.9" sleeve width @ cuff - 5.4"
the term 'degloving' has now given me an irrational fear of rings
everyone is wearing their snow pants and i'm just sitting here [[SPOILER]]
i send them to styleforum for fashion advice
nah it was all about that mahvel baybee
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