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Waist Stretched/Unstretched 15.5/21.5 Inseam 28 Ribbed leg open 4.75
100% Rayon P2P 17.5 Length 22.5 (from front collar) Shoulder 17.5
P2P 16.5 Length 23.5
Some wear, too small for me now. Waist - 15.5 Inseam - 31.5 Thight - 10.5 Knee - 7.75 Leg opening - 6.5
Size 46 with 44 lengths
just a PSA for you guys. don't buy that automatic belt, it cut my cousin in half and now the only job he can get is a magician's assistant
I think it's better than Origins and 2 (which isn't a difficult challenge). It's huge. It took me 15 hours to get to the point where I felt like I was through the opening of the game. Not only that, but the areas you explore actually feel fairly vast, are well differentiated from each other and look gorgeous. It's like Mass Effect 1's feel of planet exploration, except there's way more interesting things to do and it's not all a shapeless, bland lump of space rock....
jesus NN, that's some scary shit. sbarro...*shivers*
I can alway rely on this thread to be the one constant in my life.
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