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people are cheap. people on grail even more so. the least resistance i've had while selling items there were for john elliott t shirts. good luck.
thanks for this heads up. got them both in and they're nice
even i own a pair of nikes. i'll try and join in this current level challenge
i'll hire them, have them come to my house, point at styleforum and say "i want to dress like them"
did kanye west have a surprise fashion show in europe? nsfw
mobas suck
huh. will this mean that i'll actually get to use my prime shipping for clothes now? i just hope that they revamp the amazon site. myhabit wasn't great, but it's way better than amazon now for clothes.
shoes can be expensive because of the box / weight. priority can be costly for that, and any slower speed by USPS sucks (can't do first class because of weight). i'd say fedex or UPS ground would be cheapest there. if the clothes can fit in to a USPS flat rate box that's normally what i'd do. for t shirts i stuff them in the USPS priority envelop which is like $6...but whatever, it's cheap enough, gets there fast, has tracking and is more convenient for me.
robert geller missed connections
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