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tagged as XS, color is faded black, has a slight drop crotch ship only to US, shipping = $4 waist 15 leg 6 inseam 26.5 front rie 14 back rise 16
white jeans, never worn, 30x30 only ship to US, shipping = $4 waist 15.5 leg 7 thigh 11 inseam 29.5
color is revolver twill, very little wear on pants. 30x30. will only ship to US. shipping = $4 waist 16 leg 7 thigh 11 inseam 29.75
just spent fashion money on reflective running gear since i can only run after like...7pm now
they're not ruined, they're clean
Well, got a refund. Not sure what did it, but I'll assume posting on Styleforum did.
what's that japanese store (?) that has takes fit pictures of their employees (?) and puts them on their site?
nah, they shipped the exchange without sending me a tracking number (which would have avoided this whole mess as i would have noticed the wrong address and changed it), to the wrong address. already contacted my cc company, but i figured i'd give them the chance to provide decent customer service after taking over a week to respond to every email i sent, dragging this process out to over a month. they just provided even worse. oh, the "out of a pair of pants" line was the...
the best is the way the email was wordedi didn't know if that was on top of being refunded because of the phrase "would like to offer you", turns out it wasn't. they said it's not their fault, but fedex, and that they would open a claim, but that they never go anywhere so there was no possible way to be reimbursed. i called fedex after and they said that they opened a claim but haven't filed any paperwork. more importantly, when i talked to someone at patrik ervell (andrew...
Got an email for store credit from them and a call saying that they don't do refunds because "they're out a pair of pants". No I'm out a pair of pants and my money. You still have my money, you're not out of shit.
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