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Waist - 16.25 Leg opening - 7.25 Inseam - 26.75
what's the t shirt?
thanks, don't think either are for me though. hoping for a navy or olive...maybe
apparently maas and stacks has the new denim up in black. any other drops in other colors elsewhere?
you are going down a dark path that i wouldnt wish even on you in related news, probably the best anime related thing to come out in 2015
i don't know whats happening so i'm just going back to posting anime shit in the rft thread
my lack of styleforum browsing has led me to regress i think
is that the european equivalent of a rascal?
i don't know synth, mr olive is suspect
navy color, pants have an adjustable velcro cuff ship to US only, shipping = $4 waist 16 leg adjustable thigh 11 iseam 28
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