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huh. will this mean that i'll actually get to use my prime shipping for clothes now? i just hope that they revamp the amazon site. myhabit wasn't great, but it's way better than amazon now for clothes.
shoes can be expensive because of the box / weight. priority can be costly for that, and any slower speed by USPS sucks (can't do first class because of weight). i'd say fedex or UPS ground would be cheapest there. if the clothes can fit in to a USPS flat rate box that's normally what i'd do. for t shirts i stuff them in the USPS priority envelop which is like $6...but whatever, it's cheap enough, gets there fast, has tracking and is more convenient for me.
robert geller missed connections
ok that snapshort thing is great. think i have a pair i'm ready to pull the trigger on
i don't think that's for 2011 since i have it and definitely wasn't buying geller back then
but oatmeal is a tasty and healthy breakfast choice
you can probably ask the guy who sustains an entire thread about non-GMO cotton by himself
a list of what the people he murdered were wearing
i can't even grow scruff. i'll never be styleforum now
Shoulder - 17" P2P - ~22" Sleeve length - 24" Tagged medium but fits like a small.
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