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ugh, fucking abysmal customer service from patrik ervell's webstore. take a week to respond to an exchange request i get the item back to them four days later don't hear back from them, send them an email 9 days later don't hear back from them again, send them an email 8 days later after the first email (17 total) they give me a tracking number that i was never emailed. the item was sent out about a week ago the item was delivered to a city with the same name as mine but...
wardrobe staples is a shit site. they don't even sell staples.
i decided to try grailed. the amount of people asking for the number of washes and wears on a pair of $50 apcs, combined with the amount of people who offer but never pay up, makes that place suck ass
So when does that line of us made denim come out?
WutIs this in that interview? I've got to read that...Edit: can anyone link the interview? Can't find it
what do you have against brad?
Um...maybe try Angel's Egg?Fixed that for you
If you are serious, then The Legend of Galactic Heroes.
Golden Boy
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