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nah it was all about that mahvel baybee
Is this you?[img]
Flyers jersey
After a thousand posts I would have thought you would know your way around the forum by now.
I actually like doing laundry. It's almost therapeutic.
geller/ervell/geller/buttero thanks to gdl, gdl's 30000th post and c4 for the boots
What's on that mirror? Actually, well don't need to know
oh, wait, you can make choose multiple entries? whoops. oh well, i didn't even know regis was kgfan being reigs until someone said it wasn't regis but kgfan
Dear Styleforum, A waiter at a fine Italian dining establishment spilled a yuengling light all over my Saint Laurent Paris Signature Dylan Collar shirt. Should I tip or not?
Nope, but I'll put that on my list once I finish rereading Neuromancer
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