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Damn, well that explains a lot
anyone know what the leg opening measurement is on the slim fit chinos?
yeah, i did an exchange as well. took a week to get back to me with a rma number, then took about two for then to give me a tracking number i never got that was sent to an address that doesn't exist, and now it's ten days later from when the package was sent back to the sender and i still haven't heard from them despite contacting them monday and today. so i did a chargeback, hope it goes through. 40+ days from my original order at this point.
well, had to file my first chargeback ever against patrik ervell today
do zamb pants always run small? got a 48 but feel like i could go 50, which ruined my day
after seeing that wallets went out i checked my email only to my disappointment
If it was ps4 I would have
I hope my wallet is in that stack
ugh, fucking abysmal customer service from patrik ervell's webstore. take a week to respond to an exchange request i get the item back to them four days later don't hear back from them, send them an email 9 days later don't hear back from them again, send them an email 8 days later after the first email (17 total) they give me a tracking number that i was never emailed. the item was sent out about a week ago the item was delivered to a city with the same name as mine but...
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