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Suit is in great condition, just no longer fits me. Pants leg opening - 7.25 inseam - 27.5 waist - 15.5 front rise - 10 back rise - 14 Jacket shoulder - 17 p2p - 18.5 sleevve - 22.5 back length - 26.5
@msgraphael pants are pretty nice. fabric is fairly thick, sheds water nicely. probably my favorite geller flight / lounge pants yet.
someone get a tortoise
will doi always liked maas and stacks. especially because they give measurements.
i just bought the raphael pants
i hate this thread
we did it. the thread made the front page banner. [[SPOILER]]
people are cheap. people on grail even more so. the least resistance i've had while selling items there were for john elliott t shirts. good luck.
thanks for this heads up. got them both in and they're nice
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