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Eh not worth the hassle / gamble, thanks for the info though
So fivefour club is basically a gamble as to whether or not you'll even get the geller piece you want if you even get geller at all in your package?
I'd say tts for b3. At least I got it in the same size as my other geller outerwear
trying to clear out some shit, and apparently two books i ordered years ago (bless retro and yohji my dear bomb) went up in price compared to what i paid. always a good feeling
man, nmwa geller preorders were only up for a few days? i guess that's what i get for not checking styleforum every day
i wonder if those boots are another cp collab
I got some wool COS trousers that I like
it's the documentation of an ugly cm caterpillar turning into a beautiful sw&d butterfly
Tempting. I already have two long coats though and adding a third seems redundant, and I'm not sure how flattering the thinner jacket would look on me. Hmm.
New Posts  All Forums: