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Never worn. Waist - 14.5" - 18" (Elastic) Front Rise - 11.5" Inseam - 7" Leg Opening - 12"
Black zip blazer, 100% cotton, tagged size 46. Shoulder - 17" P2P - 19.5" Sleeve - 25"
Blue / Grey scarf. Approx dimensions are 84 x 42 inches.
year in review best pants: robert geller dock pants. they're supposed to be cropped pants, but i'm short, so they're just pants. best t shirt: cos rolled edge t shirt. perfect sized neck opening and at a price where i don't mind buying a couple of them. for 2017 not buy anything until i sell the ~10 items i don't use stop buying shit that i end up selling the very same year maybe become that guy who only buys stuff on sale. sorry
tried on those uniqlo sneakers. they're really uncomfortable
i got lazy and threw my oxfords in the dryer. shrunk a bit, but not too much.
dude is basically selling all of yoox on grailed
who makes good sweatshirts with a wide neck opening
yeah i've had the fee refunded. did you send all the screenshots they ask for?
eh i like the peace of mind that comes with having sales over in the 2-3 days it takes for priority in the US.
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