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i wonder if those boots are another cp collab
I got some wool COS trousers that I like
it's the documentation of an ugly cm caterpillar turning into a beautiful sw&d butterfly
Tempting. I already have two long coats though and adding a third seems redundant, and I'm not sure how flattering the thinner jacket would look on me. Hmm.
how isn't this fun?
oh shit. he's almost a super saiyan
Same difference. Not any more taxing and probably even quicker.
Lol. Dude should have the measurements there in the first place. If you can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes typing out measurements for what is a presumably hundreds of dollars... What are you doing. If someone asks me a question I'll answer it and usually it was something I overlooked so I'll update the post with that info. I always out no international shipping yet there's always tons of Canadians who put up low ball offers any ways.
since i ain't ever gonna see that toj wallet i bought
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