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Are those cut off pants or are they actual shorts?
google gives me
I have the MA-1 Anniversary, probably my favorite ToJ piece.
i want the ToJ logo on my buttit'll be the male equivalent of juicyon a serious note I'd still like those sunglasses that were being talked about way way back.
Dan just delivered the great news that my baseball jacket has shipped.
I wouldn't doubt that the jersey shore is filled with crap.
Nope, the knee bulge is unavoidable if you're wearing that type of denim. It's due to the stiffness of it not the skinny cut. If you want to get rid of it throw it in the dryer after a wash to soften up the fabric, otherwise it'll just stop after a while of wear.
Is there actually a boot tuck? Looks like they're just rolled up to me.
How do the josef tanks fit? 35" chest, plan on going with a 44.
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