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did the fuckyeahstyleforum post get edited? seem to be a few new additions
Nah, I don't have any pull on the pleat when wearing them, although I could have sized down one myself.
that's funny because i'm selling 70% of my stuff to beef up my wardrobe.
I saw that there was only seven pictures for the duffle and trousers, so I took mine out of the closet and threw on the trousers. You should buy them.
i'm pretty sure drew pits lambs against each other in one vs one combat and the one who comes out on top is chosen for its leather to be used in toj jackets so we only get the best lambskin
I've only worn it a few times since I got it mid summer.
My goat isn't stiff at all. if you know what i'm saying
Can't really tell since I got it in the spring and have only tried it on. Seems to be fairly warm since I got the polyfill lining.
..or you can just measure that jacket and compare it to the size charts they have
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