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Worn once by me, a few times by a previous owner.
Red / Green Plaid (BD) = $45 Washed/Worn Once Pinot Noir (BD) Washed/Worn Once Tattersale (AD) - XS Never worn
They both share a similar outershell, but the cotton tartan lining makes it feel a bit warmer than the MA-1. The fit is pretty similar as well aside from the fact that it's has a bit longer lengths than my MA-1. And yeah, it was the sample for a while back.
I've been wearing mine when it's 90-100 F, with thin no-show socks I've been fine.
You have 45 days from payment to put in a dispute if you something goes wrong. just be sure to send it as goods and do not send it as a gift. paypal is generally very buyer friendly as well.
Are the pockets larger as well or is that just me?
Looks like I'll be jumping on the 12 pair deal whenever men's sizes come in.
I think I like keeping the top two unbuttoned.
Wow, baseball jacket is magnificent.
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