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"All seeds, legumes & nuts are germinated in pure artesian water" so like...perrier? need g transistor to explain
what constitutes ridiculous at pitti 2017?
was cleaning out a few folders in my email and found this never did get it. guess it's time to finally delete it
while we're on current and relevant topics how do i size common projects?
i'm lazy as hell so i just buy raw denim so that after i wash them immediately after i get them they fit comfortably and by raw denim i mean the one pair of apcs i own
Grey suede boots. Brand new, never worn. Size 42.
but that's why i buy not have to hang dry them
uniqlo u sweat shirt feels nice but the sleeves run kinda short. hope the dryer doesn't worsen it
Light wear. Waist - 16.75" Front Rise - 9.25" Thigh - 11.25" Inseam - 31.25" Leg Opening - 6.75"
Black, drop crotch cargo pants in a soft washed cotton fabric. Waist - 16.75" Front Rise - 13.5" Thigh - 12" Inseam - 26.5" Leg Opening - 6.25"
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