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Blue / Grey scarf. Approx dimensions are 84 x 42 inches.
Black nylon MA-1 with light poly fill. Pretty much like new. Shoulder - 17.5" P2P - 21" Front length - 22" Sleeve - 25"
Features a curved seam and raw neckline. P2P - 20.5" Shoulder - 16.25" Front Length - 25.25" Back Length - 29" Sleeve - 26.5"
someone with a sephiroth avatar has a problem with wearing all black?
they're printed on an alternative apparel Postgame Washed Slub Crew T-Shirt fyi
i was interested in it, but the cut makes it look like it sits strangely in the chest area. wonder if that would settle down over time
can NMWA make a run of t shirts like that but with styleforum members?
first item i ever bought on grailed and i didn't even get a chance to lowball
usually they come in a package that has a few different sizes and you just pick the one that works. can usually buy packs of all one size later. triple flange can tend to give a better seal but some people might not find them as comfortable as single or double. it really depends on your ear. have you looked at foam tips like comply or shure olives?i gave up on the audiophile lifestyle and just use $10 jvc hafx 101s now
that's juice though
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