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A rainy day here in Chicago, perfect for trying out my new Donegal. Thanks, cpmac7!
As somebody preparing to leave tweedy academia for the real world, I've decided to take the plunge and invest in a real suit, if only for interviews. Browsing through this thread, I've been very impressed by the fit of Kent's jackets, but I'm concerned about the trousers. My trouser preferences probably diverge somewhat from the SF norm: I like a high rise (at the true waist) and a fuller cut, with a moderate taper. The trousers I've seen in this thread seem to trend...
Harris Tweed, Southwick for Haberdash
It was cool this morning, particularly out on my porch, where it's shady and breezy. I've since ditched the jacket, and the sweater vest is a light cotton-linen blend. Unfortunately, even my lovely porch won't be able to protect me from the weather that's coming up...
Enjoying what's probably the last cool day of the Chicago summer.
Price includes shipping CONUS.
This happened to me as I was putting on a jacket while wearing a similar pair. The lining wasn't damaged, but the mainspring got pulled out of the cufflink. So be careful!
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