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I bought washed new standard jeans, they seem to be slightly baggier than my earlier NS raw denims, which are about 4 years old. Have they changed the cut of these or is it because these are washed denim?
I would like to get rough work shirt made of denim or chambray, what other options are there than Iron Heart?
And it's not only DBs imo but all desert boot/chukka boot styles. Like you said it's all over place and if you go to eg. any department store to buy shoes you can't miss these styles.
Anyone?Price is ~same for both, so it's not second quality or anything like that...
Can someone tell me what's the difference between Loake Badminton and Badminton 2? Or is there even difference, just some online stores seems to sell badminton and others sell it whit "2".
Don't know the original price but there's one for $800@ebay.
If they only had a reasonable shipping costs to europe. $60 for e.g. one shirt is a bit too much.
Ok, thx for the info. I'll propably try L then.
Sizing for these is so complicated, They are the same model, right? At first one XL p2p is 25" and at second one it's only 22,5". I have a good fitting shirt that i measured 23" pit to pit but with these shirts size seems to vary a lot. No idea if i should buy L or XL...
I can't even see the sale, is it US only or what?
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