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The logo on sunglasses should never be visible.
Quote: Originally Posted by emc894 Those opinions are incredibly anachronistic and one dimensional. Those attitudes are straight out of 1900- late 1930s. Who the hell has a mustache today? Your opinions are obviously dictated by the whims of fashion. Style is timeless. Quote: Originally Posted by emc894 I studied for a year at Trinity College, Oxford after college in the US and everyone I met in England owned a pair of...
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 If you're serious you're a dumbass. Jeans have their use for plain working class folk, but for casual wear they look ridiculous. Only slobs and adolescents think t-shirts and jeans can be 'classy'.
I meant to say Christmas.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn i think you have a great fit there. wasn't sure at first, but that final picture with the button done up convinced me. is that your first from indochino? It looks like a good fit to my eyes, but some would say the jacket is too short, wouldn't they?
Italians, particularly the southern variety, are fashion buffoons. It's hard to take them seriously.
So long as they fit correctly they should be 'walk friendly'. My most comfortable shoes have often been dress shoes.
Fair Isle sweaters have no special association with Christian. You can wear them at any time of the year if the weather is cold enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by misc92 I wont lie some hipsters look ridiculous but what do you guys think about this clean version with more class: 'Class' and 'hipster' do not belong in the same sentence. Quote: Originally Posted by misc92 - LV/D&G or high quality dark denim skinny jeans Jeans are at best functional wear for working class men; they are not acceptable casual dress for men of class....
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