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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Probably because corduroy is a material most often reserved for cooler months, and linen for warmer months. Corduroy can be worn all year round. The same rules for chinos and jeans apply to corduroy trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarbutch That pocket square is, um, exuberant, even for these here parts. Maybe stuff a bit more of it into the pocket? Perhaps. I wouldn't let it go out any more than it is. Quote: Originally Posted by sugarbutch The coat looks like an orphan suit coat rather than a sport coat. It's definitely a sport coat. You'd probably be able to tell with better...
A sport coat, dress shirt and tie is suitable attire in any environment in which strict formality is not a requirement. I hope that answers your question.
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Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR The suit looks fine. It's the face that's creepy.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Someone has no idea what casual means. You don't know casual means, as you obviously make no distinction between casual and functional dress. Jeans are for physical labourers and adolescents who don't know how to dress.
Jeans are functional wear for working class folk. For casual dress they look ridiculous.
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