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Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Friday separates & back to the crisp air of Sydney & to please me not youse Very good. Would look even better wtihout the bracelets, but that's just me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unrefinery They seem to be competing for the title of wimpiest lapel size. I'll be requesting wider lapels and a longer jacket length than the house cut.
I am trying to decide between IndoChino and Thick as Thieves. I have yet to see a negative review for the latter. Has anyone here tried both ? How do they compare ?
Quote: Originally Posted by senorgoat84 What I Wore Yesterday Looks good, except that there's a lot of matching going on (watch band, lapel flower, tie, socks). I would have used a different tie colour myself.
Quote: Do you only wear dress shirts when going to work or do you wear them out of the office? I don't work. I wear a dress shirt every day of the week. All of my shirts are dress shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 your jacket should cover your ass/crotch! Shorter jackets seem to be fashionable.
Quote: Originally Posted by jakeyt What is the difference between a dinner shirt and a white dress shirt? I think one is a tuxedo shirt and the other is just a white dress shirt? Bib, collar.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I have a terrible habit of having my hands in my pockets when standing or walking. I hate what it does to one's silhouette and I feel like it looks like a lack of confidence. The problem is when I am standing or walking with my hands out of my pockets I feel like I look like I am trying to be "tough" or "strong" (read: douchebag), which I don't want to convey. What is your approach to dealing with your hands? ...
Is it acceptable to wear moccasins with socks? I've always worn them together, but it has recently come to my attention that not everyone approves of the combination. I don't know of his opinion is authorative, but according to Glenn O'Brien at it is acceptable: Quote: I always get cold feet when I’m driving, even when I’m not on the autobahn, so I would favor socks with driving moccasins. Socklessness is a fashion, not a mandate. Wearing socks with...
Quote: Originally Posted by nihonjon As my first post to this forum I'd like to know about what this chinos and jeans rule is? If you can wear jeans during the summer, why not corduroy trousers? Both are sturdy cloths. Just as jeans can be softer and lighter for the summer, there are different types of corduroys that can be worn during different seasons. It is a question of comfort. And I've never found corduroy trousers uncomfortable during the...
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