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How low are the arm holes on these jackets?
More interesting than the Teddy Boys is the Edwardian revival in men's fashion, which preceded and influenced them: "Originally, the Edwardian suit was introduced in 1950 by a group of Saville Row tailors who were attempting to initiate a new style. It was addressed, primarily, to the young aristocratic men about town. Essentially the dress consisted of a long narrow (31/2-4") lapelled, waisted jacket, narrow trousers (but without being 'drainpipes'), ordinary...
Not wanting to look like a slob should be sufficient reason to wear a suit every day.
^ What he said.I don't give a shit either. Keep posting, Victor.
Another angle -- I can't say I dislike it. Hate the scarf though. can anyone identify this jacket?
Dennis Walter: You are definitely one of the best dressed gentlemen on this forum. I always like your choice of shoes.
Shirts should always be tucked in regardless of their level of formality. Untucked shirts always look sloppy.
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