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jacket - boglioli trousers - cordings shirt - brooks brothers pocket square - brooks brothers tie - second-hand
Very nice. By the way, it's AKA, or A.K.A., not A/K/A. I don't know where you got the idea that you can use a slash instead of a period.
The "kind you want" are ugly anyway, so knock yourself out.I don't know why you felt the need to bring this up.
I agree. He probably has no trouble getting lesbian women. Typical heterosexual women wouldn't find him attractive. No offence.
Because you are so feminine, you would probably look better as you already dress than in men's clothing. In the last picture you look like a woman dressed in men's clothes.
Did you use body measurements, or shirt measurements?
I don't have time to read all 136 pages of this thread, so would someone be kind enough to tell me : How slim fit is Brooks Brothers 'extra slim fit' shirt? I have a 37 inch chest, a 33 inch waist, 15.5 inch neck.
What type of men's clothing do you want?
Not if you wear shirt garters.
The fit is conservative by American standards.
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