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AE shipped my olive Strandmoks on 11/23/16 which were priced at $229 from the RDA sale order. Since they are now on clearance for $197, if I call AE will they credit me the difference or let me put it towards another purchase?
Thanks for all of the replies on the McT sizing. We'll see what happens on BF. In the mean time I am wearing my two pairs of HM boots every chance I have.
What is the consensus for sizing on the McTavish? I once grabbed a pair in tan in my regular 65 last size 8EEE as the stock was dwindling and was swimming in them. Would I size down a 1/2 size or go down in width as well?
Hello all, I don't post much though have gained a lot of knowledge and help from the AE threads. Thanks to the contributors! I probably should do an intro thread but started typing this question so will follow up later with an intro. I am typing this on my phone so hopefully the thoughts make sense. Has anybody bought or kept their black Higgins Mills boots? I have a pair in brown and bought a second as I love them so much. I didn't buy the natural as I have walnut...
It looks like that is the case. Too bad as I watched a Dark Brown (cognac) slip away in my size while I was deciding whether I wanted that color or tan. At least the tan will be a nice alternative to my Rush street. The tan came in yesterday. A bit roomier than my Rush street which have become go to shoes as I work in a business casual setting when I am not in the field and wearing one of several Red Wings or Long Branch boots. I can probably alter the fit slightly by...
Allen Edmonds Shoes I have for sale on E-bay Cronmok 8EEE Fifth Street 8EEE Hasting 8EEE Seneca 8EEE Burton 8EEE Easton 8E
This does not address the length of the shoe. If the shoe is too long the arch and toe box area will not be in the right spot. This will ultimatley affect comfort and break in. The shape of the last can also affect fit. Not every last will fit all feet.
They look like a great shoe for Jeans. How is the fit to size as compared to other AE shoes?
That look great and seems to be a perfect size. Congratulations on a good purchase.
I missed it as well as the pictures did not show up. I really like the color and I think the Strands look amazing in that color. It was great that you got the discount on them. It looks like a color I will be adding soon.
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