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Allen Edmonds Shoes I have for sale on E-bay Cronmok 8EEE Fifth Street 8EEE Hasting 8EEE Seneca 8EEE Burton 8EEE Easton 8E http://www.ebay.com/sch/giosdad69/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
This does not address the length of the shoe. If the shoe is too long the arch and toe box area will not be in the right spot. This will ultimatley affect comfort and break in. The shape of the last can also affect fit. Not every last will fit all feet.
They look like a great shoe for Jeans. How is the fit to size as compared to other AE shoes?
That look great and seems to be a perfect size. Congratulations on a good purchase.
I missed it as well as the pictures did not show up. I really like the color and I think the Strands look amazing in that color. It was great that you got the discount on them. It looks like a color I will be adding soon.
In trying to determine my size for the Cronmok's I was ordering the AE store gave me Neumoks to try on. I tried the same size as my PA's and they felt fine. They were a tad roomy but so are my PA's in 8EEE to accommodate my one wider foot. They were the suede model and felt like I was wearing slippers. Outstanding, I think I will pick them up at a later sale. My Cronmoks have not arrived yet to comment on.
The SF equivalent of HTFU.
Thanks again!
Thanks. Any pictures or thoughts on the cognac McTavish. Did you Size down a 1/2 or full size on the Mctavish as compared to the Cronmok's? I have a feeling a lot of last minutes purchases will happen today.
I am waiting for my tan Cronmoks, a walnut belt, and a number of polishes and brushes to arrive. I am trying to decide if I should order a pair of Cognac Mctavish tomorrow before the sale ends or wait for a 2 for $300 sale. How often does AE have sales? Will it be before the holidays or after? I currently have black and burgundy PA's, black Boston single monk strap, chestnut Troy and Chester, Chili Byron and Dellwood, brown Mora and Easton and of course the incoming...
New Posts  All Forums: