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Anyone have any sizing comparison between Red Wing Beckmans and OSB Trench?
Agreed, the 1705s have been my jeans to wear this summer! I tried contacting Jay previously to see if he could get the 1705 -- don't think he's able to.
My 1705 after 2 months of wear. Doesn't fade as quickly but the lightweight is great for summer!
I've got a friend getting married, and he asked me to look for ties that have a tiffany blue color to them. Any suggestions?
I agree on the lack of stretching. Not much at all beyond the waistline.
Amazon via NYCSHOE has size 12 GT in Black Cherry for $250. Only one left. http://www.amazon.com/Red-Wing-Shoes-Beckman-Featherstone/dp/B0018E0N0O/ref=sr_1_2?s=shoes&ie=UTF8&qid=1337820101&sr=1-2 Anyone know when might be the next opportunity to get these on sales in a size I can wear?
Agreed! Find a size that you like your thighs in, that's the one you should go for in general.
Better, can be more expensive... or even better alternatives with same price point.
If I want some shirts with similar generic patterns that J.Crew has (or is copying from), what are some good alternatives? For e.g. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shirts/washedfavoriteshirts/PRDOVR~95314/95314.jsp
I was able to stretch back to pre-shrunk levels and perhaps even more. I cold soaked for 30 min or so, and after I put them on immediately. It was really difficult as it shrunk quite a bit all over, but I eventually got them on and buttoned fully after 30-45 minutes of wearing them and trying every 5 min or so to get them on more.While I was getting them on and after, I specifically tried to stretch out the thigh area by doing leg exercises.With that said, I did get the...
New Posts  All Forums: