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I'm looking for new or very slightly used Ralph Lauren polo's in size medium. Strong preference for solid colors only. Note: I am not looking for "custom" fit polos, which are the slimmer cut. Thanks!
Hey All, I'm always disappointed by the color of brown shoes I buy. I have AE Park Avenue's in brown, and they ARE brown, but they look more burgundy to me. Any recommendations on a quality $300ish dress shoe that has a true chocolate brown color? Thanks
Franciscan 9.5 D sold. 10 D's and Ferragamo's still available
My sentiments exactly. I've bought shoes from dabondo, and he's great. The thing is you have to actually look at the shoes in the pictures carefully, and don't rely on the description. It's pretty much the same description no matter what, unless there is SIGNIFICANT damage.
Added Franciscans in 9.5 D
Added Ferragamo's
Message me please if you have this item in good used condition.
Added Allen Edmonds
Alen Edmonds Franciscan in 9.5 D & 10 D. These shoes look practically new. Leather uppers and soles are in amazing shape. Outdoor pics are of the 9.5D. Asking $140 obo shipped in CONUS. Not bad for a shoe that was $385 new! Last are the Salvatore Ferragamo Raffaele in 9EE (fits like a 10D). Excellent overall condition. Soles have minimal wear, and uppers are in excellent condition. Asking $250 obo shipped in CONUS. Thanks for looking!
Used AE Randolph in 10D. Leather uppers are in excellent condition as are the soles. Only flaw is a slight pull in stitching. Has been there for a while and never gotten worse. Soles are also in good shape. Shoe trees not included. Thanks for looking!
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