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Saw that when I was in England last year. The maker is Headless Horseman Fashions out of Kent.
Hard to tell from the pics what it is, but it isn't a peacoat. That isn't to say it's not a fine Italian fashion garment, but it has strayed way too far to be called a peacoat, as that term is commonly understood.
When you only button the middle button on the outside, as you do, I should think you would need to button all of the inside buttons you can find! I recently read that it isn't the current fashion to button the inside button. Anyone who buttons the inside button is behind the fashion curve. No longer cool. Govern yourself accordingly. Fashion police are watching.
Winter hasn't come to my area yet, so it is easy to be cool. When it does get cold, I am going to button all buttons and put on a scarf. Only way to go in cold weather. Cool is good until it gets cold, then I want to be warm.
BadgerBush: Use Peacoat's sizing guide for a good fit. The Mil Specs are a bit on the large size, so you ought to try and get a pit to pit measurement from Sterlingwear. If you want a trim fit, you probably should go down one size from your measured chest size, using the pit to pit on the coat as a guide, of course.
Do your jury duty. You will definitely learn something, or perhaps, a lot of somethings.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt anything that encourages the proliferation of the Australian accent has my complete support. Now I want to see it. Yep.
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