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Guy, I was defending your fit/opinion. Also, Linen is nice. IMO linen is "cool" but I prefer, based on my own personal ANECDOTES, cotton. I personally prefer cotton over linen. Enjoy your linen.... I rarely wear mine.
I identify as an American; Between the enchilada-eaters and the poutine-eaters. We consider Linen a novelty and wear cotton 24/7Linen is a fascinating novelty. Personally, I prefer light-weight cotton cloth. YMMV
As an american, I prefer cotton.
Also, sleeves can be rolled and buttons can be un-buttoned. Much more airy and versatile than a t-shirt IMO
If it's a light-weight material then... yes? (Is this a trap?)
Somewhat ironically I live in the US and have all Taiwanese electronics (acer, asus, etc) My main laptop is a powerhouse but lacks the build quality of apple/higher-end stuff. I typically bring my asus netbook for watching avi's/whatever browsing my iphone can't handle, but I just can't imagine viewing anything less than 15" for any extended amount of time (HDMI-OUT be damned) and I do need to travel across the country a few times a year. BALLISTIC NYLON IS NOT BECOMING!
i actually bought a well used filson 258 briefcase but it's too small unless I feel like ripping it apart with the zipper everytime I slide it in and out(it's really tight). I could always just bring my netbook but PC GAMING and I hate a small screen for anything other than watching movies
i will agree that every man needs a sick/slick laptop bag. Make a laptop bag rhat can accommodate a 15" lappy and you've won over everyone's hearts. Seriously. I don't carry my 15" laptop ED but i do need it for travel. just sayin....
fuck that's nice
That is the obvious duffle (not that it's bad design-wise, it's a good design but everyone has one) but IDK about a leather type III, i agree that it may be "too obvious"
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