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True that. When dressed "traditionally" (that is, more into loafers, brogues, sta-press, shirt and crombie then boots, jeans and harrington), I've several times been asked "what do you call this style?" Random people in the pub, a taxi driver, friends from friends, all understand at first glance that it shows the belonging to a sub-culture, a crew, a style, but are pretty surprised and sometimes don't even want to believe it when the word "skinhead" comes to my mouth.
Well you still see loads of paraboots, bleacher jeans, beanies sometimes, fly jackets, and most of all t-shirts everywhere in the scene!
Ok for the pics, but the article is full of bullshit... With a very arrogant pseudo-intellectual touch, when the guy clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.
I got one too, and recently bleeched it as the colour was too passed away to be worn plain - in my opinion. Also bought it second hand, didn't know it was not available new though.
Lack of imagination, I guess.
The first pair look like working shoes for a security agent or something, the second ones a little better but still look cheap. If you want some nice "skinhead-styled" brogues, get some american brogues, not too pointy, some Royals by Loake for example, the most classical. :-)Besides, if you wear your trousers in the traditionnal way, that is not lower than the ankle, there's no way to hide a cheap or unfashionable shoe.I have a pair of the suede boots you're talking...
About the braces, I saw most of the skinheads in my area and further used 3/4 inch braces - easier to find - and of course plain, for the same reason. I've been looking for some 1/2inch braces on the net - impossible to find in regular shops - but not plain ones, too classical. Warrior sell checked 1/2 inch braces and I've got one pair. It's really bad quality. And the only interesting one I've found is pirate 69 streetwear. It appears that all the...
Well i also prefer without the pvc shoulders on black ones, but what i liked with the grey one was the contrast. Well soon I will get it and see. (Of course I would never wear baggy or combat trousers, don't be unpolite! ;-) )
Very interesting topic, but i read the whole of it and I didn't see a word about Donkey Jackets? Many people don't appreciate the PVC shoulders look for sometimes - in cheap stuff... - being too shiny. Do someone have an idea of when it appeared in the skinhead classics? Seems do have come quite late, or am I wrong? Do someone have pictures? I personnally like the look, though I think the non-slim fitting of the jacket doesn't really match with an elegant silhouette. As...
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