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x-post from transmod: I can't access my userprofile. New system having problems with usernames with slashes?
-new site doesn't seem to like usernames with slashes? Can't access my userprofile.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Polish Bespoke doesn't get much attention around here. You should do a write-up. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by pteroaltum Perhaps it's my age, but ... -this might be of interest?
^^ I think he is referring to this one. -thanks for the info, a.
^^things are getting boring on the island? Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches muuuch better. -yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth I think there's an argument from Wittgenstein about something like this somewhere... -ahh, the Tractatus, 7
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym You've mentioned that you and others learned about clothing, etc. from your fathers and fathers' fathers. You've/we've also learned manners, what it means to be a gentleman, how to push the bounds with playful, often insulting banter. Many of the young guys nowadays don't grow up with fathers who teach them these things, if they have fathers at all. In a lot of ways, we are raising them on the internet, for better...
Quote: Originally Posted by E,TF Reminds me of my childhood, before VCRs - if you missed something good on TV, you got no second chance, and were annoyed that all your friends had seen it and you hadn't. ...ah, the glory days.
^^liking the merkurish use of IS -nice thread that was btw
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