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I just received a pair of Beeswax from Amazon yesterday. They are my third pair of Clarks DB's and I get .5 size lower than normal and they all fit great.YMMV
This past spring I bought a couple of RL hoodies that were too good a deal to pass up... a black one and a grey one. They are heavy and nicely lined and very versatile. I will probably just roll with them unless I see something special that I must have.
I love my Samba's and Samoa's. I have a nice pair of Stan Smiths I really like as well.
I have been surfing through WAYWN for awhile now and have not posted any pictures of my outfits. With all the criticism thrown at Drizzt, my suggestion would be to try some different poses. The stiff hands pose tends to be unflattering while some of the outfits probably are just fine.
I would echo that you would want to wear solids. Nice button ups.
I got the LDB raw from revolve a couple of weeks ago. Believe me when I say they are terrific jeans. How did SDZ fit aside from being awkward. I was considering them and was wondering how they fit.
I have to be honest. While I love the look of raw denim, the one washes I have ( SC Oki's and 45 rpm Sorahikos) are awesome. I love the fact that they are much softer and the color seems much richer. I just got some 5EP LDB in raw form and I'm been debating soaking them. I think I will tonight. But to the OP, from a fit standpoint, I definitely prefer the one wash over the raw denim. Shrink to fit with $300 jeans is a big gamble.
I have been a RL wearer for years. I just like them the best. Classic fitting and timeless. However I've gotten into Lacoste this year. I have a muscular upper body I wear a 6(large) as opposed to XL in Polo. I would love to wear custom fit RL's but their cut just doesn't agree with me.
I had purchased the 007 from BiG but I returned them because I didn't particularly care for the slubbiness. I like the slub of my SC Oki's but the PBJ's were a bit much. I too was concerned about the sizing when I ordered them because I thought they would be too tight. I wear a 36 and Gordon talked to me quite awhile about the fit. He stated that the larger you go in the 007 (005 cut) the fit becomes more standard. While I never soaked them, they were not tight in the...
Better buy some new shirts. I have several rl polos and they have never gotten any smaller.
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