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Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye To the haters on the shoes; you're unlikely to find better for 15 bucks. Yes you can, check the bragging thread, people find better stuff for less than $15 all the time
I'm considering getting an MTM suit done online and I need my measurements. Do tailors typically charge customers to get their measurements taken?
Hey everyone. I'm a 19 year old business student and I need a suit for all the business conferences and events I've been going to. I'm looking at a charcoal suit for business, and was wondering if for my low budget (<$400), Indochino would make a good choice as a starter MTM. I've heard that you can get the suits remade if they're made poorly, and that there's free alterations. My questions are, though Indochino doesn't have very good quality, would it be a good starter...
I'm looking to pick up a pair of Iron Rangers, and being on a budget, I'm trying to pick the most versatile colour available. I'm pretty sure the Amber ones are the most versatile, but can I get some quick help on what colours wouldn't work with this colorway?
Quote: Originally Posted by nakokoro How would I go about getting Gilt membership? is there a gilt affiliate link on SF? A search only led me to dead links. An invite would be appreciated as well. I can send you an invitation, PM me your email
I'm not an expert but it sounds like you want a straight leg jean without a taper. What's your price range?
Anyone have the poplin shirts?
I guess it was a broad question, sorry about that. I'm gonna copy this post onto my phone and read it next time I try on a jacket, thanks a lot!
Hey guys, I've been thrifting a lot recently and I'm getting a feel for finding shirts and sweaters that fit me well, but I haven't been able to figure out how to know whether or not I can get a suit to be tailored to fit. Obviously there's the chance that a suit will fit me perfectly but there's a really slim chance of that.. Usually theres a couple of things that need fixing, but I'm never sure if those things are fixable. The last time this happened to me, I went ahead...
Here's the pics of the Provenzale shirt:
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