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I'm looking for an everyday hoodie. Price is not much of an issue, but I prefer <$150. Preferred colour is grey, or anything that's versatile. Size Small or Medium Thanks
Well you're good with the pattern being 11 to 5.
They were dark, not sure if they were raw. They looked like they were worn a handful of times max, they were barely broken in. The only flaw was on the inner ankle area, there was a sharply faded area about an inch in diameter. The leather patch was different from the one you posted though, it was black and smaller.
Found a pair of Edwin jeans today, nearly brand new. Should I go pick them up?
Quote: Originally Posted by matstyleku problem the number one reason why I haven't gotten many shirts lately. Before, I would just pick them up if it was a good brand and fit okay, but I soon realized getting something that fits is a hell of a lot better than buying some brand name that doesn't. It doesn't help that traditional fits don't fit you. I've come to the conclusions that BB slim fit doesn't even fit right and I don't think Extra slim will be...
I'm looking for a thick, good quality hoodie for everyday use. Does anyone have any ideas as to where to look? I'm trying to upgrade from the H&M hoodie I currently use.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Really? Besides the sleeves being a little long and baggy in the bicep area, the fit looks decent for RTW. Not spot on, but good for a thrift find. I'm guessing it'll need taking in too? Does anyone have any idea how much those three alterations should cost? edit: double post, sorry didn't realize no one else had replied
Quote: Originally Posted by JKMWCL They're basically gonna have to rebuild the the time you pay for all the tailoring, you could probably do better getting the shirt on sale somewhere or on ebay in your size. Great looking shirt though. Alright, I thought that too, but I guess it was worth a shot.
Here's some fit pics of the RLPL shirt I found yesterday.. It's my first real nice find and I really want to keep it if it's possible, I know the fit may be way off right now, but do you guys think its possible with some tailoring work? Sorry for some pictures being out of focus. Pics of the Zegnas still to come. edit: forgot to upload the pictures..
^Haha, awesome. The Salvation Army near me does this, but luckily, most of the thrift stores only price NWT items and 'well known' branded items that high.
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