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Birminghams were just worn down on the heel, and the lining was wearing down on the back of the heel. And the shoe was kind of.. deformed? Like something was on top of it and crushing it. The other I just picked up the Delrays which were in better condition. And the Brewster's just had some scratches on the toe of the leather.
Got up early in the morning today to go to a thrift store that was having a 50% off sale, they had 4 pairs of Allen Edmonds, two pairs of black Delrays, tan Brewsters, and black Birminghams. I only picked up one pair of the Delrays, the leather on the upper looks nearly perfect, there's only some wear on the heel, and the lining is really worn down on the heel almost to the point of ripping. Still, I picked them up for $3.50 cause the upper was in such good condition. Good...
W+H hoodie PM sent
Hey guys, quick question. I was at Harry Rosen earlier to see what size I am in AE Park Avenues. the 10.5s fit me well lengthwise, and she was mentioned that they were regular width. What's regular width? A D? or an E?
I'm looking for an everyday hoodie. Price is not much of an issue, but I prefer <$150. Preferred colour is grey, or anything that's versatile. Size Small or Medium Thanks
Well you're good with the pattern being 11 to 5.
They were dark, not sure if they were raw. They looked like they were worn a handful of times max, they were barely broken in. The only flaw was on the inner ankle area, there was a sharply faded area about an inch in diameter. The leather patch was different from the one you posted though, it was black and smaller.
Found a pair of Edwin jeans today, nearly brand new. Should I go pick them up?
Quote: Originally Posted by matstyleku problem the number one reason why I haven't gotten many shirts lately. Before, I would just pick them up if it was a good brand and fit okay, but I soon realized getting something that fits is a hell of a lot better than buying some brand name that doesn't. It doesn't help that traditional fits don't fit you. I've come to the conclusions that BB slim fit doesn't even fit right and I don't think Extra slim will be...
I'm looking for a thick, good quality hoodie for everyday use. Does anyone have any ideas as to where to look? I'm trying to upgrade from the H&M hoodie I currently use.
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