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The suit was a 40R I believe. The pricing at this store is generally pretty expensive, they charge per piece when it come to suits. So the jacket was tagged 39.99 and the pants were also tagged 39.99. It seemed like it barely worn too.
Got up nice and early to go for a quick thrift run this morning, I passed on 3 recent Samuelsohn pieces (logo with the heart on it) - 2 sport coats and a like new herringbone suit. I really wanted to pick up the suit even though it didn't fit me that well, but it was $80 ....... One of the sportcoats was my tagged size but was altered to the point that I couldn't button it up. I ended up just picking up a navy blazer in my size, two button up shirts, and two BB Makers ties.
I'll take the Johnstons Scarf if you're willing to ship to Canada
Hey everyone, I don't know if I'm alone in feeling this way, but I'm 19 years old and cannot find an overcoat that I looks appropriate on me. I'm not really sure what to wear over my suits (yeah, I have to wear them quite often) when I'm outside in Canadian winters. Does anyone have any ideas of what kind of coat I could wear?
You can right click the links and copy the image location, then paste it in the URL bar and the images will work.
Hey all, I have a suit that I haven't worn in some time, I was wondering if I could get some comments on the fit? The pants definitely look too long to me, but is there anything else you guys can see?
Birminghams were just worn down on the heel, and the lining was wearing down on the back of the heel. And the shoe was kind of.. deformed? Like something was on top of it and crushing it. The other I just picked up the Delrays which were in better condition. And the Brewster's just had some scratches on the toe of the leather.
Got up early in the morning today to go to a thrift store that was having a 50% off sale, they had 4 pairs of Allen Edmonds, two pairs of black Delrays, tan Brewsters, and black Birminghams. I only picked up one pair of the Delrays, the leather on the upper looks nearly perfect, there's only some wear on the heel, and the lining is really worn down on the heel almost to the point of ripping. Still, I picked them up for $3.50 cause the upper was in such good condition. Good...
W+H hoodie PM sent
Hey guys, quick question. I was at Harry Rosen earlier to see what size I am in AE Park Avenues. the 10.5s fit me well lengthwise, and she was mentioned that they were regular width. What's regular width? A D? or an E?
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