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Alright, well are there any key features I should be looking for when looking for a good shoe tree? Anything that'll set them apart? Cause I can't tell the difference between those and the ones I posted besides the price.
I have no idea what to look for when it comes to shoe trees. Are these trees from AE decent for the price? http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...p_category=216 http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...p_category=216
Quote: Where are you from? I just had a jacket taken in on the sides and the sleeves shortened and it was 30. I'm from the Greater Toronto Area. Quote: He quoted what? To do what? $42 is reasonable, but expensive. Worth every penny for a good job. I have no idea what your trying to achieve with your second sentence. Are you trying to narrow the shoulders? $55 is too cheap for that service. The back of the jacket is loose, so...
Just recently brought in a jacket that was loose in the sides. The tailor quoted me $42 to take in the sides up to the armpit, then another $55 to take in the seams from the armpit to the shoulder. Are these prices reasonable?
I'd appreciate it if someone inboxed me one too, thanks!
Picked up a like new navy blazer thrifting last week.. I really dislike the buttons though. They're flat and shiny metal and are a little bit scratched up. Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement buttons? I need the two big buttons on the front and 4 smaller ones on each sleeve. And what buttons should I go with? Brass?
Hey, can I get measurements on the APC seersucker shirt you have up for sale?
The navy blazer I picked up on the last page was Cambridge for Harry Rosen. What's the general consensus on Cambridge?
The suit was a 40R I believe. The pricing at this store is generally pretty expensive, they charge per piece when it come to suits. So the jacket was tagged 39.99 and the pants were also tagged 39.99. It seemed like it barely worn too.
Got up nice and early to go for a quick thrift run this morning, I passed on 3 recent Samuelsohn pieces (logo with the heart on it) - 2 sport coats and a like new herringbone suit. I really wanted to pick up the suit even though it didn't fit me that well, but it was $80 ....... One of the sportcoats was my tagged size but was altered to the point that I couldn't button it up. I ended up just picking up a navy blazer in my size, two button up shirts, and two BB Makers ties.
New Posts  All Forums: