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Quote: Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck I have the Slim Guys in deep indigo (incidentally, if you're in the market for a pair that fits 29-30 check my sig) and I would say you should probably size down one. I don't know if the canvas ones will stretch as much as the raw denim, but the slim guys in my opinion tend to run about a size larger than tagged. I actually sized down two on mine. That said, I haven't tried the brown canvas, so I'm just...
I'm purchasing the Brown Canvas Slim Guys from PLNDR right now.. Should I buy TTS?
Alright, well are there any key features I should be looking for when looking for a good shoe tree? Anything that'll set them apart? Cause I can't tell the difference between those and the ones I posted besides the price.
I have no idea what to look for when it comes to shoe trees. Are these trees from AE decent for the price?
Quote: Where are you from? I just had a jacket taken in on the sides and the sleeves shortened and it was 30. I'm from the Greater Toronto Area. Quote: He quoted what? To do what? $42 is reasonable, but expensive. Worth every penny for a good job. I have no idea what your trying to achieve with your second sentence. Are you trying to narrow the shoulders? $55 is too cheap for that service. The back of the jacket is loose, so...
Just recently brought in a jacket that was loose in the sides. The tailor quoted me $42 to take in the sides up to the armpit, then another $55 to take in the seams from the armpit to the shoulder. Are these prices reasonable?
I'd appreciate it if someone inboxed me one too, thanks!
Picked up a like new navy blazer thrifting last week.. I really dislike the buttons though. They're flat and shiny metal and are a little bit scratched up. Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement buttons? I need the two big buttons on the front and 4 smaller ones on each sleeve. And what buttons should I go with? Brass?
Hey, can I get measurements on the APC seersucker shirt you have up for sale?
The navy blazer I picked up on the last page was Cambridge for Harry Rosen. What's the general consensus on Cambridge?
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