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Personally I'd rather pay the extra $15 dollars for a straight cap line. FWIW, I got my PAs from allaboutshoes in less than a week and he had to ship them internationally, so you might be able to get them on time.
I spent $65 to alter a pair of $30 Levis STFs ..
It's been really really dry during the times I've went recently. Today, I just picked up some summer shirts and a brand new Eton tie.
If it's a used jacket, there can be some wear on the edge of the sleeve, so watch out for that too.
All shirts have been pre-owned unless otherwise stated, but all are in excellent condition and have lots of life. Most of the signs of wear are very light, such as minor collar stains (easily removable) and slightly worn button holes. All of the signs of wear are pretty much unnoticeable when worn. Condition is as-is, feel free to ask any questions. Prices do not include shipping from Toronto. Paypal fees are not included (Gift or +3%). Feel free to make an offer...
I remember finding a BNWT Alan Flusser suit about a month ago, is their stuff any good?
Quote: Originally Posted by lilmann40 Hey, I was hoping you guys could help me out...I've been seeing a lot of ties, blazers, etc. by brands that "look" nice, but I just don't know if they are worth picking up. I'm just going to throw some names out and feel free to let me know if any of these are decent...and also, feel free to add any that are not known as much as more mainstream brands. I mean I see tons of Made in Italy/Pure Silk/Made in Paris,...
Where can we cop the Glow in the darks? I'd consider them Does anyone have any progress pics for the Brown canvas? I have no clue how they'll look after some heavy wear!
Just received my Brown Canvas Slim Guys from PLNDR and something seems off about the construction. Is this model a step down in quality from other N&F denim? They're also a pretty tight in the thigh area, should i expect them to stretch noticeably, or is this a sign to sell?
Hey everyone, I'm looking to order an Indochino suit in the near future, and I'm choosing between the Essential Charcoal Suit and the Timeless Charcoal Three Piece Suit. Am I essentially paying an extra $50 for the vest? Or does anyone know of any other differences?
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