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You can check all the measurements on Blue Owl to compare
Anyone have a pair of the blanket lined jeans? I'm looking at the one on Tobi in the WG fit, was wondering if I should still size down and whether or not they'd still stretch even with the lining?
Does anyone have any info on how they'll price the custom denim?
I live in Canada. Send me a quote! : )
Just to follow up, I did order the Extra Slim Fit shirts online, and they fit well aside from a little bit of extra fabric in the back area. From reading this forum, I'm assuming this can be easily fixed with darts? Also, I went to the Brooks Brothers store in downtown Toronto yesterday, and I decided to try on a 15-33" (I ordered 15-34"). The 15-33", I believe, fit me better in the sleeves. The sleeve ended right where the wrist began. I told an SA this, and his reply...
Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy 4 extra slim fit staple shirts from the Brooks Brothers semi-annual sale. Being in Canada, I can't just go to a local BB store to find my size. These'll be my first decent quality dress shirts, so I'm doing all I can to get the sizing right. Can anybody point me in the right direction regarding what measurements I'd need to get the right size? Thanks
Personally I'd rather pay the extra $15 dollars for a straight cap line. FWIW, I got my PAs from allaboutshoes in less than a week and he had to ship them internationally, so you might be able to get them on time.
I spent $65 to alter a pair of $30 Levis STFs ..
It's been really really dry during the times I've went recently. Today, I just picked up some summer shirts and a brand new Eton tie.
If it's a used jacket, there can be some wear on the edge of the sleeve, so watch out for that too.
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