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Okay, so here's the situation: I picked up the white Wings+Horns Tiger Fleece sweater in December, and used it heavily throughout the winter months. 5 months later I realized that the elbow patches were really wearing down quickly from excessive wear. One side is much more heavily worn than the other side, so it's probably a personal problem (I lean on things with my elbow a lot). Either way, I'm really interested in sewing on elbow patches to extend its life, but I have...
I just picked up a pair of the Slubby Indigo/Indigo this weekend and realized the indigo weft. Will these bleed onto my shoes even with cuffing due to the indigo weft?
Just received my sweatpants, they're a little too tight from the waist to the thighs.. These things will stretch right? I got a Small, 5'10, 165
Thank you very much, I was looking for the Tiger Fleece though, I should've specified that I'm sorry. I heard the terry sweatpants aren't as warm as the tiger fleeces, is that true? I need them to be as warm as possible as it gets really cold where I live.
Anyone selling the sweatpants in S? Any colour and new to nearly new condition would be perfect!
Where's the cheapest place to get the sweatpants nowadays? Not looking for any colour in particular. Also, I'm 5'10 165lbs. Any sizing advice? Thanks!
How's the thickness compared to the W+H Tiger Fleece?
I picked up a pair of light blue jeans from CM that I think first went on sale last summer? Just wondering if anyone has any information on this denim.
Just got my Kahtadins in the mail yesterday. Quick question: are they supposed to come in a Chippewa box? It doesn't really say Kahtadin anywhere on the package/box/shoe. Just wondering. And when I put them on, they're really uncomfortable at the point where the tongue is glued/stitched to the upper cause there's a huge bulge that presses against the top of my foot when I walk. Should I assume that this pain will go away when they break in?
Anyone want Nep Selvage WGs? haha. Size 31!
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