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Nep Weird Guy Highs just arrived from Gilt, I was surprised to see the lack of a selvage line considering Tate+Yoko has it labelled as "Nep Selvage" on their site: http://tateandyoko.com/1-jeans/146-naked-famous-weird-guy-high-nep-selvedge-raw-denim.html Looking to let these go now, size 30 WG High on B+S.
Hmm, that's what I was thinking, I've had that before. But with this suit it's not just a few large stitches, it's actually totally sewn shut. I felt around behind the lining too and I'm not totally sure there are pocket bags there.
Are Indochino suits supposed to have functional jacket pockets? I just received my Essential Charcoal suit today and all the pockets are totally sewn shut.
These will hold a 15" MacBook Pro right? I'm looking to buy a snap, just waiting on the other colours. Also, any estimation of when shipping to Canada will be in place by?
I think APC Madras is a different line (ie. not what you're looking for)
Question about the slim shirts, the white oxford specifically. I tried on a small the other day, and while it fit perfectly in the shoulders, I could not button the top button at all. Is that alright? Should I size up? Or is the cut of the shirt just not for me?
The brown canvas is different from the duck canvas.
They're from an older season, I see them most often on sale on Gilt or PLNDR or other discount sites. I have one in size 31 for sale if you're interested, brand new.
Okay, so here's the situation: I picked up the white Wings+Horns Tiger Fleece sweater in December, and used it heavily throughout the winter months. 5 months later I realized that the elbow patches were really wearing down quickly from excessive wear. One side is much more heavily worn than the other side, so it's probably a personal problem (I lean on things with my elbow a lot). Either way, I'm really interested in sewing on elbow patches to extend its life, but I have...
I just picked up a pair of the Slubby Indigo/Indigo this weekend and realized the indigo weft. Will these bleed onto my shoes even with cuffing due to the indigo weft?
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