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Just recieved my Corter Leather belt in Natural, thanks Jay! Any suggestions for leather care?
These will hold a 15" MacBook Pro right? I'm looking to buy a snap, just waiting on the other colours. Also, any estimation of when shipping to Canada will be in place by?
I think APC Madras is a different line (ie. not what you're looking for)
Question about the slim shirts, the white oxford specifically. I tried on a small the other day, and while it fit perfectly in the shoulders, I could not button the top button at all. Is that alright? Should I size up? Or is the cut of the shirt just not for me?
The brown canvas is different from the duck canvas.
They're from an older season, I see them most often on sale on Gilt or PLNDR or other discount sites. I have one in size 31 for sale if you're interested, brand new.
Hey Jay, Just wondering when the next production of Corter utility belts are going to come in? I'm specifically looking for the natural in 32.
Okay, so here's the situation: I picked up the white Wings+Horns Tiger Fleece sweater in December, and used it heavily throughout the winter months. 5 months later I realized that the elbow patches were really wearing down quickly from excessive wear. One side is much more heavily worn than the other side, so it's probably a personal problem (I lean on things with my elbow a lot). Either way, I'm really interested in sewing on elbow patches to extend its life, but I have...
I just picked up a pair of the Slubby Indigo/Indigo this weekend and realized the indigo weft. Will these bleed onto my shoes even with cuffing due to the indigo weft?
Just received my sweatpants, they're a little too tight from the waist to the thighs.. These things will stretch right? I got a Small, 5'10, 165
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