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Are there any jeans out there that taper from the calf down rather than the knee? I know it's probably unlikely but it'd be great to find a pair of denim that suits my huge calves. This would also prevent the "skin tight calf" effect while normal stacking occurs at the knee and ankle. If anyone knows of any, let me know!
Hoping for a black WG too, but those look to be clearly indigo unless some kind of blue filter was applied.
Nep Weird Guy Highs just arrived from Gilt, I was surprised to see the lack of a selvage line considering Tate+Yoko has it labelled as "Nep Selvage" on their site: Looking to let these go now, size 30 WG High on B+S.
Hmm, that's what I was thinking, I've had that before. But with this suit it's not just a few large stitches, it's actually totally sewn shut. I felt around behind the lining too and I'm not totally sure there are pocket bags there.
Are Indochino suits supposed to have functional jacket pockets? I just received my Essential Charcoal suit today and all the pockets are totally sewn shut.
These will hold a 15" MacBook Pro right? I'm looking to buy a snap, just waiting on the other colours. Also, any estimation of when shipping to Canada will be in place by?
I think APC Madras is a different line (ie. not what you're looking for)
Question about the slim shirts, the white oxford specifically. I tried on a small the other day, and while it fit perfectly in the shoulders, I could not button the top button at all. Is that alright? Should I size up? Or is the cut of the shirt just not for me?
The brown canvas is different from the duck canvas.
They're from an older season, I see them most often on sale on Gilt or PLNDR or other discount sites. I have one in size 31 for sale if you're interested, brand new.
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