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I have a straight leg pair of selvedge denim and want to get them tapered. What happens to the selvedge line if I go through with this?
The one I saw was the new label, should I go back and get it? It wasn't my size so would the suit have flipping value?
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal depends, lanvin licensed some stuff in the 80's. and most recently licensed a Lanvin line they marketed as a collaboration with H&M but if you managed to get 2002 -> onward albar elbaz era stuff im jealous! It looked really recent, it wasn't the H&M collaboration for sure. It was huge on me so I passed on it. It was quite expensive for a thrift store, ~$70? So I felt it was risky to flip.
Passed on an olive green DB lanvin suit today, wool. Was this a bad decision?
I'm an undergraduate business student in a school where suits are worn quite often for events. As of right now, I have a light grey suit which I have been told is not very approporiate for business, and have been recommended to go with charcoal instead. Are there any brands I should look out for that make good quality suits at a low price (< $600). If it has any impact, I'm 18 years old.
Today was my first time out thrifting, so bear with me if I made and mistakes with what I passed on. I decided I would start off by getting things that were my size only, so I may have passed up on some great stuff.. Spotted a Borrelli Napoli dress shirt, Harry Rosen SC, Talbott Ties, Joseph Abboud shirts, Ted Baker shirts off the top of my head. Also, I saw a lot of garments with the brand Giordano and Lorenzo Uomo. Any info on the quality of these two brands? Thanks...
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