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Is it unusual for a Lanvin tie to be made in Canada? I live in Canada, and purchased 2 Lanvin ties at a thrift store. They have superb quality, and they have the more recent Lanvin branding.
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler If you have the tailor taper on the inseam, nothing will happen to that selvage line. If the tailor tapers on the outseam, though, the selvage line will either get wider, or you will lose it altogether, depending on how he does the taper. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you do the tapering on the inseam, not the outseam, when you are working with a pair of selvage jeans. Oh okay,...
I have a straight leg pair of selvedge denim and want to get them tapered. What happens to the selvedge line if I go through with this?
The one I saw was the new label, should I go back and get it? It wasn't my size so would the suit have flipping value?
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal depends, lanvin licensed some stuff in the 80's. and most recently licensed a Lanvin line they marketed as a collaboration with H&M but if you managed to get 2002 -> onward albar elbaz era stuff im jealous! It looked really recent, it wasn't the H&M collaboration for sure. It was huge on me so I passed on it. It was quite expensive for a thrift store, ~$70? So I felt it was risky to flip.
Passed on an olive green DB lanvin suit today, wool. Was this a bad decision?
I'm an undergraduate business student in a school where suits are worn quite often for events. As of right now, I have a light grey suit which I have been told is not very approporiate for business, and have been recommended to go with charcoal instead. Are there any brands I should look out for that make good quality suits at a low price (< $600). If it has any impact, I'm 18 years old.
Today was my first time out thrifting, so bear with me if I made and mistakes with what I passed on. I decided I would start off by getting things that were my size only, so I may have passed up on some great stuff.. Spotted a Borrelli Napoli dress shirt, Harry Rosen SC, Talbott Ties, Joseph Abboud shirts, Ted Baker shirts off the top of my head. Also, I saw a lot of garments with the brand Giordano and Lorenzo Uomo. Any info on the quality of these two brands? Thanks...
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