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Quote: Originally Posted by nakokoro How would I go about getting Gilt membership? is there a gilt affiliate link on SF? A search only led me to dead links. An invite would be appreciated as well. I can send you an invitation, PM me your email
I'm not an expert but it sounds like you want a straight leg jean without a taper. What's your price range?
Anyone have the poplin shirts?
I guess it was a broad question, sorry about that. I'm gonna copy this post onto my phone and read it next time I try on a jacket, thanks a lot!
Hey guys, I've been thrifting a lot recently and I'm getting a feel for finding shirts and sweaters that fit me well, but I haven't been able to figure out how to know whether or not I can get a suit to be tailored to fit. Obviously there's the chance that a suit will fit me perfectly but there's a really slim chance of that.. Usually theres a couple of things that need fixing, but I'm never sure if those things are fixable. The last time this happened to me, I went ahead...
Here's the pics of the Provenzale shirt:
Went to two thrift stores today, didn't find too much. At the first store, I came across a Yves Saint Laurent Navy Suit with burgandy pinstripes, tried it on, only to have the fit be really awkward on me. I also tried on a Samuelsohn tuxedo and the fit was perfect, but it was like triple pleated -.- I came out with some lightly used flannels. At the second store, I found a dark olive Armani suit which had the best fitting jacket I'd ever tried on, but the pants were a...
How do the kahtadins fit? TTS?
Yeah someone recommended those to me before. Would the soles have enough traction for snow and ice though?
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Unfortunately, not really. Boots are pretty necessary for college, however (IMO). Really, your best bet is to wait for something good to pop up on B+S. Really, AR_6 is spot in - when you're in college, 200$ is a lot of money (at least, it was for me), which means that you'd better put some consideration into what you're buying. Honestly, college is probably the best place to look like an urban lumberjack. If you...
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