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Hey guys, If there are any tiger fleece hoodies/sweatpants or terry hoodies/sweatpants at the W+H sample sale, send me a PM if you're willing to proxy. I live in Toronto so it'll be a domestic order. Thanks!
Want a proxy to Canada for the Military Green Snap Backpack. PM with info
How's the pockets on the ducks? Are they difficult to use like the other N&F models?
What's less offensive at a business formal event? No cuff or too much cuff? (Talking about shirt sleeve cuff under suit sleeves, of course)
I also have a Corter belt and have the same question along with another one:Is it normal for a belt to bulge out? My belt bulges out to the point that it's annoying to even wear tshirts with it anymore. At first I thought it would settle as the leather was still new but 1 month in it doesn't seem like it'll go away.
Looking to buy a pair of Clarks DBs in Beeswax, size 9.5 or size 10 only (US sizing) I'm located in Canada so you must be willing to ship internationally (Toronto). If you have a pair for sale, contact me with a quote and pictures. Thanks!
Does anyone else have the problem where they can't get past the billing info screen during checkout? When I put in my credit card info and click next the page just refreshes.
darkmatter: What condition did you find the jeans in?
Oh no sorry, I meant to say tapered from the inseam.
Haha my thighs are 20" and my calves are 15". I really doubt I'll find a fit that'll be ideal off the rack, but I've already had a bad tailor experience when trying to taper a pair of Levis 501xx STFs a while ago. I had them tapered from the knee down while only altering from the outer seam and it resulted in the fabric always spiralling around the leg and bunching in the wrong areas. I guess I could get them tapered from both sides, but only as a last resort since I have...
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