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I have a brand new black 256. Anyone interested in swapping for a 257 (any color)?
How can you tell which ones are BB on the Shoe Bank site?
Great sale Rick, gonna try to make it out today after work. For custom shirts, would I be able to reserve fabric now and get my measurements done later?
Rick, Are promo codes from your emails online-only?
Yeah that's exactly what I meant. Thanks for the suggestion, no way I'd fit into that thigh measurement though. Still on the lookout for a jean with indigo warp/weft + contrast stitching with at least an 11.5" thigh measurement at Size 30-32.
Hey guys, Any help on finding a pair of raw denim with an indigo warm, indigo weft, AND contrast stitching?
What do the battle stripes look like on an aged pair of jeans?
First Greencast evo pic I've seen, they look good! Always nice to see an evo pic of a different style once in a while
Hey guys, If there are any tiger fleece hoodies/sweatpants or terry hoodies/sweatpants at the W+H sample sale, send me a PM if you're willing to proxy. I live in Toronto so it'll be a domestic order. Thanks!
Want a proxy to Canada for the Military Green Snap Backpack. PM with info
New Posts  All Forums: