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Thanks. They're Shoemart seconds (with B.Nelson resole). Not sure who they were made for. The closest match I could find were a Tassel's #8 Atom on Tremont. These are Barrie.
Atom #8
I've seen blue cxl ptbs at the J.Crew Broadway and Soho stores.
Great photos. Where are the deglazed tankers from? Curious about the white stitching.
Are those Etsy ones supposed to be cordovan? Not sure about that.
In case anyone's looking, the J.Crew store on lower 5th Ave in Manhattan has natural chromexcel wingtip boots on sale for $539. Looks like barrie with commando sole. Didn't realize J.Crew carried these.
I think J.Crew has a suede tanker coming out (sand suede it looks like). I think you can pre-order now.
If anyone is looking I saw a brown chromexcel perf. captoe at Alden NYC recently. Not sure what last or sole.
Mixed feelings on the crepe but the Roy Boot seems to just work for some reason. And I think it's J. Crew that has a natural cxl LWB with a crepe sole that looked pretty good. Very casual but I'm not sure I'd be dressing up those LWBs anyway
Yeah, I have the natural NST boot from Epaulet and they have darkened over the year I've had them. Montana Pitch Blend darkened them as well. I'd go that route and take it slowly. I think that brown is probably hard to recreate. Check out pictures of aged natural on-line, it develops great color on it's own. Or maybe try to test the polish on the tongue or something if you feel you want to try it.
New Posts  All Forums: