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Trolling at its finest.
Maybe we can't tell who is gay by the way he dresses but we certainly can from a rant like this.
Those look like very minimal stacks. With a tapered fit/smaller leg opening you'll get more stacks. Taken from the APC thread.Petite Standards:Kid Cudi wearing New Cures: (not quite as tapered as the PS)Another example of a smaller leg opening with good stacks. These are also new cures, but they look a size or two bigger:I know you want a more relaxed fit, these pictures were just to show you how jeans with a smaller leg opening will create more stacks.
They are closer to green then brown. Here is a picture of mine the day I bought them.
Give him some advice, buddy.
For some advice on how to dress for your body type I suggest reading this link, The Style Blogger knows what he's talking about:–-tips-for-shorter-guys-featuring-adam-lampell/I'm also 19 and on a college student budget except I'm a little taller then you, I'm 6' and 125-130lbs. I to started with Express shirts but learned quickly. I'd suggest you looking into buying some Rugby by Ralph Lauren oxford button down...
this is a hard question to answer without knowing your body type. Are you skinny, bigger, average sized, etc. If you have "average" sized legs then typically most people size down 2. If you are a little bigger then most people size down 1, and if you are skinnier then most, size down 3. For any other questions regarding fit and tagged size, check out Context Clothing. They have a sizing chart on every pair that explains pretty...
Suede + rain = bad. Beeswax + rain = better but not ideal.
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