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Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith TAG is not a poor man's watch At least a Carrera isn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tuco Can anyone i.d. this boot or know who has it? Its the 404. I had a pair for about 2 days. (nice boot, i just got it too small)
Quote: Originally Posted by wangvicous Everyone's feet are different sizes... you guys either got the wrong size or you need to different width. Ime dress shoes should be sized down until you can't shift your foot left or right with the shoe tied but ymmv i actually can't shift my foot around in the boot. However, i do think that some air is getting down in there and forced back out around the ankle, as i do have some space in there with...
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain dual alden noob mfers talking about air piston sounds with their same-as-sneaker sized barries. thefucaoutahere with your newfound authentica well excuse the FUCK out of me. These ARE my first real pair of really nice shoes (that i've kept longer than a week). Thanks for welcoming a newb into the fold. Was that really necessary? I swear, some people. These aren't same-as-sneaker-size. I typically...
Quote: Originally Posted by marg Two issues on my new #8 lwb. First, The left shoe seems to be from different dye lots. The main shoe is very dark, but the pieces on top with brogueing are a slightly lighter shade. I didnt notice in the shop, but it is present in natural light. Is this normal? Second, also on the left shoe, when I walk there is a strong sound of air movement, almost like a piston. My left foot is slightly shorter. I was told the...
Quote: Originally Posted by phantomx48 And I thought I had an Alden "problem". . .you could start a support group, And outfit the entire gang with fancy footwear!
JCrew coupons typically do not work on collaborations, but sometimes they do. I very nearly pulled the trigger in dec. on the Indys, but glad I waited since I finally found the ones I wanted most.
There are some guys that aren't fat that dont like this whole ultraultraultra slimfit craze. I remember about 5 years ago JCrew shirts started getting real narrow; are they bigger (normal) again?
What do you guys do to waterproof (or water-resist) leather soles?
I wanted to jump on a pair of the brogues last week with the 35% off but i resisted. How do these compare to Aldens?
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