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Thanks, guys. Will keep the medium and shorten at the shoulders (or start standing with weights around my wrist for hours at a time). Cheers.
The p2p feels good, especially as I'm guessing I won't be really wearing this with a thin t shirt much. Will easily accommodate a flannel or chambray.The only reason I even suggest rolling the sleeves is because the lining is so damn nice! But where should it hit? Like a normal suit jacket at the crook of the thumb with arms down?Thanks for all your help.
Hi guys, I'll style this better when I get a bit more time but can somebody just tell me if this medium is a good size for me? I just got it in from Independence. I knew the shoulders would be a little bigger than I usually take (18.5" and I usually take 17.5"). Just so in case a small might (crazily) be what I need. Not sure if I'll have the sleeves hemmed or just roll them (sorry for the single roll). Thanks so much.
Cross posting from WAYWT. From a show I played earlier in the week. Everything is SLP except the black T with the satin bomber (Everlane). No vis with the black denim are my classic black Chelseas (which looked amazing). I had the indigo jeans taken in and they're still too big. Good thing there's a pair of slim raws waiting in my PO box for me to break in. Edit: I was one of the suckers who bought the silver zip-ups at retail from Barneys. But at least I've had a...
S . . . Moo . . . ch.
Please do.
I do. I live right down the street. I think I recall from one of your posts you're in Pittsfield? I think you referenced your one tailor, Wongs?
Band is called Colorway.All original music mostly (and all mine) but this show is an end-of-summer bash put on by the arts council called the Transperformance. Each year they pick a theme and local bands pick a more famous counterpart to assume. This year the theme was "Off The Map" and we did Boston (played "Rock and Roll Band" and "Foreplay/Long Time"). Place was oversold with about 2k in attendance.I got vid to edit and can share a link when it's done.Edit: to answer...
^Northampton, MA. Pioneer Valley. Not far from CT at all.
Sorry for the bad photo quality. Something from a show I played last night. Mostly SLP (Jacket, jeans, boots) T is Everlane. Fun times.
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