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Heard back from Ink and they are not carrying size 50 in Araki Yuu (no big surprise). In other news. I absolutely love my GBS, L0, KKA, Archivo JM Ribot, and MA+ blazers but there is simply nothing like a Harnden 50/50 wool/linen classic on an unseasonably mild day with a pair of beater APC jeans, black tee and derbies. Wish I had taken a pic. Just a special feeling, I guess. Maybe it's the puffy lining, the big ass lapels or just the rough fabric. I dunno. It just made...
Yeah, those measurements are crazy for a size 1. Could almost fit me. Not sure how it would look on a thick frame such as mine.
I can't speak for PN/P but at full price they were willing to do it. Was a pretty smooth process all around and I really do love it. Pretty much my only leather. I'd like to get a blistered lamb RO Intarsia someday, just for something lighter. But when I want to put on my armor I reach for the L0.
Pretty constricting across the back but I'm sure if I wore mine more it would stretch out. PN/P were nice enough to get Alessio's shop to lop off a couple inches on the cuffs before sending it to me. That said, I do have fairly short arms so I'm not sure if that would be an issue for most folks.
Big Gay Ice Cream x MMM Coming soon.
Just adding to @Exdeath's post above . . . Last week I sold a Margiela winter hat to the founder of Big Gay Ice Cream (not sure how far it's available outside of NYC but it's pretty hip). And a few years ago I sold a Margiela denim jacket with fur collar to Ian Astubury from The Cult (and the Doors reboot). Both above on eBay. Pretty neat.
Couple shots from a recent show. Layer-0 (hat) N.I.C.E. Collective LS GBS jacket
Taking offers on these. Brand new, never worn 100% green/grey canvas size 50. Hmu if interested. I'm in the US.
. Whoops. Sorry, wrong thread.
Heck! why need to suffer?True enough. Nice to see a bigger selection of Araki Yuu. His jackets surprisingly large for a size 1 and 2 (54/56cm chest respectively). Hmm . . . I don't want for much these days but I'd love to get something of his.
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