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Yeah, really nice. Both fabrics sold out in size 50. Oh well. Prob for the best, right?
Anyone cop the Layer-0 long blazer in wool from AW16/17? Just curious on the fit. I realized this winter that I don't really wear big overcoats. Mostly just PH over a long sleeve or something. But I know Alessio's cuts are brutally slim so I'm curious if anyone has a take on it. Thanks.
@docdocgs Hey, Doc. Would love it if you could post a close-up of the fabric if/when you get a moment. Thanks!
Thanks for the info, Doc. Still on the fence. Such a hi rise on those (as well as the canvas) that I'm still unsure. My frame does a lot better with a 9-10.5" rise than the almost 12" these measure. For the linen it's not that big a deal but the thicker fabrics just end up being restrictive when I walk (pants rarely fit on me where they should but I'm working on that aspect). You will love those sneaks. I am sure of it.
I have the canvas in grey/green (size 50) and I haven't really been able to wear them due to the calves being so damn tight (any offers please hmu). Doc, how do the calves feel on the hemp sail pair?
Yes, Renovateur. Thanks very much. I appreciate the comment.
Doc. You need the low tops. The red ones are cool but you will wear these everywhere. And the soles are made of a seemingly indestructible rubber-like material. I've never seen anything like it.
Hi guys. I guess I'll try and make my question more concise. Is it redundant to use Neatsfoot as well as Saphir Reno on shoes and/or boots? Thanks very much.
[[SPOILER]] Dope and comfy don't always go hand in hand. But I'm happy to say these fit both bills. BTW, pants are L-0 linen from SS15.
Hi there, guys. First post in this forum. Just hoping for some advice. My boot/shoe collection is mainly of the artisanal variety a la m_moria/CCP/Layer-0/Guidi/Carpe Diem. I have some horse, donkey, calf both reverse and full grain. I recently purchased some Saphir Renovateur which is on its way this week. In the meantime a friend recommended I get a jug of neatsfoot oil compound. Is there any reason to have/use both? I don't do much to my shoes besides an occasional...
New Posts  All Forums: