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Couldn't fit in time for Geno's. This pie is from Lou Malnati's. Also ate at Mr Beef on Orleans (where the canolo came from). So much good food, such little time. Fit in a Cubs/Marlins game at Wrigley (Cubbies won).Also stopped into Independence and picked up a sweet Kapital double gauze shirt on 30% off sale. Great store and great staff.Hope we can find another reason to come back.
Thanks bud. Not so easy with all the deep dish pizza, Chicago dogs and cannoli around. Hoping I fooled my metabolism. We shall see.
Chicago style. SLP APC PRPS MMM
Ha! Pretty much all of it (I think). Pretty sure that's the one. As long as it doesn't have the cut out at the bottom in the back (the A-frame) then yes.
Representing in the Windy City. Definitely going for the undercover cop look at the Dead shows. Layer-0 x 3 UNIS tee.
Good to hear!
Congrats. Enjoy.Just took a risk and picked these up on eBay for $375 shipped. Hoping they've only "been worn twice" as the seller says. Time will tell. Funny, that used to be the top of my price range a couple years ago. [[SPOILER]]
Shit, now I want white derbies.
Very cool. Thanks guys. Any more keep them coming. Cheers. ~A
Good to know. Thanks. Guess it's just gonna be a food frenzy after all.
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