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I know. But these are red! I'll hold out for my M_Morias. No need for more work boots after that, right?
Those are nice. Maybe they'll trade me.
I tried. I'd rather have a 42 if I were to get more. Someday I'm sure I will, though my M_Morias will be here soon so in a few years I'm sure they'll look similar.
IC:I hate to even have to do it but I need to pass these on to a size 43. My first pair of baller boots and they came from a most reputable source (Eton97). But I've come to the conclusion that they're just too big for my size 42 feet.Freshly Vibramed in the UK and worn sparingly (for shame).Someone come get these and put them through their paces.Size 43. Cordovan. Boss. [[SPOILER]]
Really happy with my (thankfully) legit score on eBay. Not bad for $375 and seemingly really only worn a handful of times. Also, happy to be putting my @Wormwood Nama pants through their paces.
Still up for grabs. Make me an offer, gents.
So do I just fill a bowl with white vinegar and let them soak in it? How long to let them sit if so?
Well, technically we still don't.
Ordered matching jacket/pants linen/ramie last December. Still waiting.
Are those the Muta? Very tempted.
New Posts  All Forums: