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Incredible. Even in b&w. Can you say "rumpled"? Thanks for sharing. Saving my pennies.
They closed down our state (Mass) and all we got was about 5" here in Northampton. I mean, I have a package from Mr P that was supposed to drop today!!!! The nerve.
True story.
There's a limit?
Well, admittedly I'm new to this, but I've had to learn that not hemming or cuffing can be okay. A certain amount of stacking is fine, but the hem has to be narrow enough so they don't look sloppy. I'm guessing the cuffs are pretty relaxed but I think you could get away with just leaving as is and letting them fall on your shoes/sneaks. Other than that it looks fine to me.
@Betelgeuse I would start by un-cuffing the jeans.
Would love a close-up of each to see the contrast between the cuff and the boot. And while APCs might not be "baller" material I do think they're a fine pair of pants both in cut and composition (admittedly, I'm new to this but I've picked up a few things here and there). Just from those pics I'd say no to the cuff, but it might be the glare on the boot that's making it look a little off. Maybe chop off a couple inches on the hem so that when they settle it won't be all...
Yeah, all I was talking about was the shade. The lighting PN/P uses for their blog pics is just pretty awful for anything other than determining the basic silhouette. There's lots of surprises as far as the coloring goes. And as Eck said, they're quite thin. But I am very happy I snatched them up as I'm pretty sure all the sizes in this color are now sold out (at least through PN/P).
X-post from WAYWT.Got my linen Layer-0 pants in today from PN/P.Beautiful all-around.Melt, snow, melt. [[SPOILER]] I think it's pretty hilarious that PN/P tried to suggest that the color looked anything like this:Oh, well. Italian baller niche stores can do whatever they want, I suppose.
Thanks, guys. Boots have been Vibramed. You know what the box says: "Do Not Handle With Care". Snow's not a biggie. But I always get as much of the salt off as I can. I wasn't expecting the blueish tint but I'm starting to really like it.
New Posts  All Forums: