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Nicely, That looks similar to mine but the buttons aren't mother of pearl and the lapel peaks are higher than mine (an EVJ03, one of four made for all of Asia). Wearing mine right now. Kopping some GBS linen trousers from IF tomorrow. I got the fever. Plus, Geoffrey is willing to chat about styles, sizing and all kinds of stuff. Interested to hear your take on it. Mine.
Too much at Yoox's current price of almost $1k, but for someone who is a 43 these Attachment side zips, I'm sure, will be a great buy at 30% off or whatever Yoox does next.
Not at all. Inseam on my size 50 is really short at 27" but the rise is 13.5" I'm 5'6" and they fit me perfectly. But definitely not for the tall dudes.
Just picked up these linen trousers by Ziggy Chen on the Hotveli sale. Extremely nice fabric, cut and color and should work well this summer. Not bad for $339 (down from $565) shipped (in the US). Still a 46 and 48 left. They run TTS.
For those who missed out on the col 19 tornadoes there's some up on Re-porter for $1095 size CCP7 (US9).
Our local movie theater (Amherst Cinema) was showing Akira and let folks know they would be offering pro photo shoots of people holding up signs where they write what they like about the place. I would have worn my Harnden regardless but it's nice that I ended up with a cool head shot. Now it's even funnier to see it gets lifted for an article about me and my open mic night. You can read it here if you're so inclined. Life is funny sometimes.
@Nicelynice I almost pulled the trigger on a beautiful PRP blazer from Robin Richman in Chicago. T was the two button with the bright green oxidized clasps/tie bars. They don't have a lot (mainly blazer and matching drop crotch trousers) but it's a start and my SA, Steven, was extremely nice and helpful. http://robinrichman.com Ended up opting for the GBS blazer from Eth0s (which I'm thrilled with) but did score a beautiful Elena black shirt and even qualified for their...
Well, I don't know much about suiting so this is kind of my starting place. But the connection with the designer and the backstory of all the pieces (let alone his 20+ years in the biz) are enough to keep my buying. Hotoveli just put up their drop, BTW
Oh, I do both as well. Just an example. Though I find the toe box a bit wide for SLP d01's and such. But yeah, they are fairly versatile.
@docdocgs, you are a badass. I will always love those shoes (and the presentation) above all else at this point. My m_moria come close, but just in terms of being ready to wear they are perfection. @Eckblk and I still are trying to figure out the best way to wear them. I kind of wear them with whatever but, you know, tornadoes go best with super-skinny hems and dual zips go well with stacks. Let us know what you find that pairs well with them. Cheers and...
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