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I'm just looking for an opinion on the piece. I like it. But I've never owned any of his pieces. Seems like it's fit in to the aeathetic I'm after. Edit: that was for Pickpack. Thanks for your comments. Might pass on it but I hear you all.
Pretty sure this is the same (or very similar) piece in a different color. http://www.geoffreyarchive.com/2012/05/soloist-by-takahiro-miyashita.html?m=1
I hear that. It'll be a tiny bit tight on me from the measurements. I like the frayed look, and the material looks pretty rad.
I'm new to The Soloist. Any opinions? Would be pairing with black IE or LUC pants and not really sure what shirt underneath but probably a black T. Thanks. Edit: pocket placement throws me off a little bit. Another pic unbuttoned, collar up.
I may regret the Pinaskullada shirt but I felt it was unavoidable after considering it for months. Will know soon enough.
Just picked up some SLP and MMM from the aforementioned boutique. Excellent deals.
I have several MMM knits and they are by far some of my favs. The quality is excellent and the fit is slim but not restrictive. I would never pay retail but when their sales happen I don't mind dropping just under $300 for a sweater I'll have for a long time. I also love when people ask me why I have the tag still sewn into the back of my collar.
Hmm, I'll have to check on the Uni. Thanks. I have a lot of MMM and love the quality and the fit is usually good for my frame. Never owned any Ann and was curious. Looks like it runs pretty slim.
Besides one being black and the other gray anybody have a lean towards Ann vs MMM? Both about the same price ($275) Edit: MMM: top; Ann: below.
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