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Thanks, Mike. Nepenthes said its coming in next week. I think I'd probably need a medium unless It's really slim.
Beautiful. Who's carrying that?
Absolutely gorgeous piece from Luca. Purchased from Hide-M last year but never worn as it is very slim. Tagged a 54 but would definitely call this good for a 50 or even a 48. Punched selvedge and reversible. With tags attached. Originally €540/$584 Measurements: Chest: 20" Shoulders: 16.5" Length: 28.5" tough to get an accurate length as it curls up a bit. Fully reversible. From a smoke and pet free home. Free shipping in the CONUS. Ships worldwide for $20
[[SPOILER]] Sorry I'm just getting to this, JFetter. Thanks for the kudos. I'm really happy with the boots now that they've broken in a bit. The lighting definitely brings out the details. It's been so snowy here I haven't word them much but that's about to change. That said, they have a bunch more scuffs than they did a few months ago. They should definitely have called these steel blue or something. Way more blue than black. Strange.As for wish list/waiting list:Still...
Thanks. They're the oiled horse from AW14. From Hide, of course. Better pic from a few fits ago.
I don't think the pants are too small. But yeah, I have a belly and I do realize the Ann brings it out a bit. I'm going to have to live with it in these pics at least. I think the lighting brought it out a bit more, too. That and the bread and chocolate that I'm giving up for a while. But thanks for the comment. I'm gonna be a work in progress for a while longer.
[[SPOILER]] X-post from the WAYWT thread.HarndenAnnL-0A1923These are from a photo shoot I did for my band last week.
Thanks. Yeah, they definitely have a blue tint. Coming up on a year since I put up my first awful fit (of many). Thanks again to everyone on here for all your help these past 12 months.
Thanks, Nicely. We move on different icebergs in the same ocean. They're happy where they are. But I'm glad I got them to start dressing in darker colors. That was a big help.
[[SPOILER]] From a recent shoot I did for my band.HarndenAnn DLayer-0A1923
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