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Wore my CCPs to a couple weddings last year. People around here dress like hell to begin with, but I still felt fairly formal."What, you've never seen a dress shoe with a rusted shank underneath? Good heavens!"
I can't believe I made the @In Stitches compendium.
So how do you tighten the laces? Or do you? Photo from Second Stage.
Per NNY: sneakers are $391 Ouch.
What happened?
Measurements weird on Needles rebuild? Good heavens! Jealous. Kind of want one of these but don't have the swag.
Harnden Acne APC Layer-0
Any boot ballers out there in the NYC area my band is playing a free show tonight (Sunday, 4/19) at The Bowery Electric. Would be great to meet you IRL. Cheers, ~ATG Club website Facebook event
Shameless plug: Any NYC peeps out there looking for some good free music, my band, Colorway, is playing our first New York show at The Bowery Electric tonight, Sunday, at 8pm. Did I mention it's free? Facebook event. Would be great to meet some of youz in real life. Cheers.
I absolutely love my "gray" pair.To each their own, of course, and I'm still only a year into understanding the aesthetic. But I find the color (at least in the pair I got) to be endlessly entertaining and really something different and special.
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