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Oh, okay. Couldn't tell. The fatigues might work well with a bit of a cuff roll and add some contrast.
@institches are those your EG fatigues that are the talk of the town?
[/quote]Where do the lugs go?Edit: nevermind. I was unclear on the vernacular. I was thinking lug nuts.
Holy! Thanks so much!
Thanks, Snoopy. I've had a few of my jeans/pants tapered over this past year. Had to bring my New Standards back and have the tailor do them again as the thighs kind of ballooned out. I'm never really sure how far to bring them in or what the magic number is. I guess a 7.5" leg opening works for me. Will bring drop them off next week and I'll try this fit again tapered and hemmed. Shazam! Thanks for your comment.
Finally getting some use out of my A1923s.
Those are quite nice. You're a bad man, E.
I have now seen $2,400 jeans.Thank you, SF, this world is officially a free-for-all (figuratively, of course).Wow.
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