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I see what you mean. I guess it's the darkness and camera angle as the jacket is pretty trim-fitting.And it's a sweater underneath so maybe not the best layering job.It's this one: [[SPOILER]]
LUCJil SanderAPCA1923Prob won't cuff next time. Casual evening out. [[SPOILER]]
Interesting, looks like Unionmade dropped Needles. Or else they sold out of everything but I highly doubt that.
I had a hard time actually getting somebody to either answer the phone or call me back after leaving a couple of messages/emails. But after I had eventually connected with a live person there everything went well. He said it was a small crew that worked the customer service center and they had been swamped from the recent sale. Good luck.
Thanks, RX,And thanks to all for the positive response. I was thinking about getting the pants hemmed as per usual, but I'm gonna leave them be for now. Being linen they won't see much use in the outside world for a couple of months at least. But I'm happy I picked them up.
Anybody have any experience with either the Guidi flip flops or slip-ons? Just curious about the durability of either. The flip flops look comfortable enough but it's hard to tell with the slip-ons. Surely they're not lined so I'm guessing it's a sweat fest if one went sans socks.
X-post from the baller boot thread. Been a while. Too damn cold to take many pics outside and I have few options indoors, but here is something from a show I recently played. Harnden Attachment LS top Layer-0 linen pants Layer-0 boots Obligatory guitar face
I was really surprised how short they were compared to my wool ones. But they came with one full roll of a cuff and that made a big difference. I just don't dig how the top of the boots pull the fabric forward. Looks like it's hand-stitched (rolled cuff seen below it)
[[SPOILER]] Took my new Layer-0 linen SS15 pants out for a spin the other night. I wasn't planning on hemming them but I think they may need just a couple of inches taken off. Shame, as the hem Alessio uses is quite nice (and my tailor can't replicate).Also in this pic: PH jacket, Attachment shirt, Layer-0 boots (AW14)
Thanks, guys. Soles are a bit more bulky than I'd like, but at under $200 I think they're worth adding to the collection.
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