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Very cool. Thanks!
Anyone ever have luck asking Haven to mark down? I got a pair of shorts last year but they were already pretty cheap so I didn't bother. Thanks.
Yep. That makes sense. Thanks.
You are da man. So, you just wrap that shizzle up around the top and then wedge your foot in with a shoehorn? I guess I just don't get that last part exactly.
I'm considering that damn jacket, too. Was looking for a lighter jacket for the warmer months. Guess from what Nicely says it's pretty heavy but it sure would go well with the gray linen pants I got. If anybody has any suggestions for a baller-brand lighter weight, simple, thow-on jacket I'm all ears.Looking for something along the lines of this Nanamica, that's what I'm after. Thanks!Edit: and thank you, @Uzairh for the laces pics and description. Very cool.
Altieri's magic spell has finally reached me. I think I may not have a way out this time.
So Nicely gets me browsing around Gullam and lo and behold . . . The calf leather umbrella FTW. At only 86,400 Yen how can you say no?
@Thatoneguy Totally making that Needles Rebuild coat work like a boss. Quite the feat. Cheers.
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