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Sakura Fest in BK Layer-0 Harnden KKA SLP m_moria
I got these E-28 calf slip-ons from Idol last year and wore them a ton. They held their shape and their dye too (thankfully). I sized up one.
About to play some music with my side gig. www.youngatheartchorus.com Convenient that they request the band wear all black. KKA Issey SLP Layer-0
Very nice. And those hems! They must be at least 8"!!!!!
I knew somebody was gonna call me on that.What can I say? I got a happy heart. And prob the only person wearing KKA at Phish.@sinnedk too cold for sneaks and we just got 6" of snow. So not right now.
Current rotation. Back: moria x2, A1923 Front: CCP, Layer-0 x2
[[SPOILER]] Very happy with my pants made by @wormwood 1967 nisshimbo selvedge denim, stone washed, dyed with natural dyes and cut to my specs.Took some trial and error but overall I think they're a great pair of pants. Easy to wear and the fabric feels sturdy but soft. Will post a fit pic as soon as the snow stops (not kidding). I like that the calves aren't super-tight, the construction is solid and the color will, I'm sure, only get better with wear. Happy the dye...
Good to know. Did you Vibram?
Nice! Thanks, @Uzairh. So tempting but I just don't know if I'd get enough use out of them. And wondering how the flat sole is for extended use? Would prob have to get fully Vibramed. While we're on a Layer-0 kick(s) here's a quick pic of mine today while wearing some Karu denim pants courtesy of @Wormwood. I'll put up a more extensive review on them on the clothing thread but suffice to say they are very nice and comfy.
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