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Selling my almost-new, special order slash neck LUC coat, size large. It's awesome, just not what I think I need right now. http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/291681161859 Hmu for a better price.
Thanks. Hem is so tight over the boots/my calves it took forever to get them on. I'm expecting both will loosen up with wear. Just an FYI, I may be a few pounds heavier from vacation but this season's one cut is not as roomy, pretty much everywhere, as AW15/16. Edit: @Psylde: Thanks for the comments. Right now it's tight at the very front of my feet (my right is a bit wider than my left) and I can't get the zipper up all the way. But I had that last problem with my dual...
Unloading these soon. Size CCP 8 from 2014. Worn sparingly. Hmu before they hit The Bay.
Match made in Italy: My first tornadoes/SS16 LUC One Cut 100% linen pants.
As nice as I'd hoped. A little tight near the front (insole removed) but I'm pretty sure they'll be fine with a little wear. Thanks to Eck for the Jedi-like enabling.
raul at williesshoeservice.com Just write Raul and let him know what you have/want. Takes at least a couple of weeks. Cheers.
Because then you'll have it and it will make you feel good when you wear it?
Nice. Thanks for the pics. Skeen, I'll let ya know. Planning on taking the insole out. I'm a little concerned on the width but I've been told they stretch.
Was my only option. If it doesn't fit they must acquit.I have CCP derbies in 8 and they are way too big.
They had two pairs in 7 and one had been spoken for for a local client. Not sure if that sale went through. Might be worth writing just in case.
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