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^nice! It may be cliche but a dark shade of GATs might be nice. Can't remember what you have. I'll put in another plug for brown cordovan MOTOs.
I've gone back and for on this, too. If you search for "Vibram" in this thread I'm sure you'll come to the topic that appear to pop up once every three months (though I've only been posting since March).I find that some makers use an extra layer of hardened leather like my Layer-0 ankle boots. It's definitely stronger and tougher than something like a Guidi sole. And so I'm going to let it wear a little bit more before I put Vibram on it. I had a pair of Julius x Siva that...
I'm sure you will. They are extremely prompt and courteous. Good luck. They're a fantastic shoe. Even turned a few heads over in the baller shoe/boot thread. Edit: not sure what size you are, but if you take a MOTO size 3 they have mine sitting on a shelf (presumedly) waiting for somebody to ask. Those babies would get to you in a week.
Cordovan. Shinki Cordovan (if that matters)
I've only worn them a couple of days now but I am extremely happy with them. Superb construction throughout and the color is just amazing.I ordered direct through info@store-motostyle.jp They took very good care of me (if you have any specific ordering queries please PM me).These were hand dyed to order (I guess they keep all styles and sizes but undyed until somebody orders them) and the Vibramed them in-house for a $28 dollars. Edit: takes about two to three weeks from...
Y Edit. Closeup added for @Cottondockers R&T APC MOTO
Been following your style from SLP thread. Almost there to the rocker look already (good way).Are those 15cm SLP raw jeans?[/quote]Thanks, Sepp.They're 17.5. I don't think I'm brave enough for the 15.5. Chopped off 2" but left the rest of the leg as is.
I would hazard to say take whatever size you are in EG. Worked for me.
Ha! And I bought the medium!Funny how things work like that. I said to myself, "man, somebody just kopped the large! Well, that does it! I'm getting that medium."If the sizing turns out crazy maybe we can swap.
I just posted in the Needles thread, actually. But I got the olive hb block shirt. The fit is perfect. Got a medium and it's not too tight (thankfully). The fabric is thick but not too heavy. The pattern is unique without being flashy. And it's just a perfect piece to add to my collection. So nice. Definitely worth seeking out if you can find it. Here's a couple of pics.
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