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Those are some beautiful colors. From what I can assess the smalls are more along the lines of a medium or large with 22.5" chest on the smallest small I can find. I'm guessing these are meant to be worn loose but on a mid-sized stocky guy like myself I think a loose flannel is not my best bet.Edit: from my Google translate of that page my fav quote is: "This is the shirt that make me feel the freshness that can not be enclosed in a word of remake simply."Indeed.
Man. Tough room. (not that I don't agree).
^^Good to know. That's about my height (minus an inch). Thanks!
Looking into some warm weather pants I'm torn between the brushed herringbone Type 6 jean and the fatigues in the same fabric. Jeans seem to be more of a slim fit. Any preferences out there? I'm kinda digging the Truman pants that Gentry has but I don't know if I can handle the pleats *and* the taper. Thanks!
^Double-thanks, Eluther. Much appreciated.
They're kinda sewn up, down and diagonal. Be a tough move, I think.
Edit: @Bam!ChairDance Perfect! Thanks! This is gonna be the flyest piece evan. Thanks, Parker.
So this is my AW2014 13oz wool Bedford with me at the tailors. No rush on this as it's not getting done until next week. But taking it in at the cuffs sets the elbow patches where you see them. Should I stop the presses and have them take it up at the shoulder? Or will it really make that much of a difference? I've never owned anything with elbow patches before so I'm kind of at a loss. Thanks so much! PS: sorry for the crappy iPhone pics and the shorts.
Thanks, Mbaum. Yup. AW2014. I felt the black Augustas just made sense against the green of the fatigues. I suppose sneaks or derbies might have been a more comfy/casual choice.
Some workwear love on Labo(u)r Day weekend.AW2014 EG x 2A1923Styled by SF (cross post from WAYWT).Thanks for the help from a bunch of you guys in choosing a pant to go with this shirt I had my eye on.Let me know if you think the cuffs are messy or shouldn't be rolled. I'm new to the fatigues. Thanks! [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: