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From last night's show. Layer-0 (hat) Archivo JM Ribot Geoffrey B Small (shirt) SLP CCP Good times. Just figured I'd share. I realize this ain't no WAYWT. #Guitarface
Purchased new from PN/P and only worn once to try on. The calves are a bit too tight on me but they are gorgeous in every way. See pic w/brick background for better idea of color in outdoor light. Four button fly (with extra buttons attached to tags) and hand-stitching throughout. Hems can be worn rolled or not (Alessio's trademark cross-stitching finish the hems on these). Beautiful fabric. Thick but not too stiff and the color treatment is just amazing. Little fine...
Heard back from Ink and they are not carrying size 50 in Araki Yuu (no big surprise). In other news. I absolutely love my GBS, L0, KKA, Archivo JM Ribot, and MA+ blazers but there is simply nothing like a Harnden 50/50 wool/linen classic on an unseasonably mild day with a pair of beater APC jeans, black tee and derbies. Wish I had taken a pic. Just a special feeling, I guess. Maybe it's the puffy lining, the big ass lapels or just the rough fabric. I dunno. It just made...
Yeah, those measurements are crazy for a size 1. Could almost fit me. Not sure how it would look on a thick frame such as mine.
I can't speak for PN/P but at full price they were willing to do it. Was a pretty smooth process all around and I really do love it. Pretty much my only leather. I'd like to get a blistered lamb RO Intarsia someday, just for something lighter. But when I want to put on my armor I reach for the L0.
Pretty constricting across the back but I'm sure if I wore mine more it would stretch out. PN/P were nice enough to get Alessio's shop to lop off a couple inches on the cuffs before sending it to me. That said, I do have fairly short arms so I'm not sure if that would be an issue for most folks.
Big Gay Ice Cream x MMM Coming soon.
Just adding to @Exdeath's post above . . . Last week I sold a Margiela winter hat to the founder of Big Gay Ice Cream (not sure how far it's available outside of NYC but it's pretty hip). And a few years ago I sold a Margiela denim jacket with fur collar to Ian Astubury from The Cult (and the Doors reboot). Both above on eBay. Pretty neat.
Couple shots from a recent show. Layer-0 (hat) N.I.C.E. Collective LS GBS jacket
Taking offers on these. Brand new, never worn 100% green/grey canvas size 50. Hmu if interested. I'm in the US.
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