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Right on! Yeah, it was $125 to do my denim but they basically had to cut me a whole new jacket. Must have had fifty pins in me at one point. Crazy. Thanks for the info. Not used to the big-ass shoulder pads but it's not an everyday kind of suit, either.
Thanks, Sir G. I'm in Western Massachusett. I'll actually be in NYC next weekend so maybe I'll just bring it there. I didn't know they would tailor anything that wasn't bought at the store (though Donald and his tailoring crew did take care of my raw denim jacket I bought from Mr P). I left the pants with my tailor to let out a bit but now I'm rethinking that. Might just bring the whole thing in. Thanks!
Hey guys, I recently became the proud owner of a SLP classic two button suit. I need to get the arms shortened and my tailor doesn't feel comfortable taking it up at the shoulder. Anybody here have any experience with shortening suit jacket sleeves? Definitely don't want to lose the buttons/button holes on the cuff. I can probably guess how much needs to be taken off so if there is a good tailor to rec (that I could send it in to) I'd love to know. Thanks in advance!
Feelin' ya, brah.
Ha! Could hats be having a moment?
"Oh look at that poor guy. He can't afford to hem his pants or even iron his jackets. They're so rumpled!"
I don't know about any of that but it seems this artisanal aesthetic that's supposed to make me look poor is really working on more than one level.
Thanks, Fisty. I'll never come close to Eck's record, though he has helped me score some grails. I need to unload a few things soon to pay the piper.I dunno, I hoarded all the stuff that might be either shut down without warning (mmoria) or just plain not made again because they're a pain in the ass (L-0).I've said it before but I think I'm good for a while now. And yeah, PN/P for the derby.@nicelynice I think you're right. Not shell. Just smooth horse. The smoothest.Cheers.
Cordovan, brah.
Absolutely. Thanks for the kudos. Just a note: these were ordered in December with a three month expected turnaround and they just came in yesterday. Eck reminded me about the kangaroo leather laces. I had no idea.
New Posts  All Forums: