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Wearing my Harnden classic blazer, Layer-0 double-layer shirt and boots (no vis) and APCs while finishing up my band's new album with audio engineering and mastering legend Bob Ludwig today in Portland, ME. Planning on stopping into @PortlandDryGoods tomorrow on my way to Alan Bilzerian's in Beantown. You could call it a big week.
[[SPOILER]] Shot parts of a video today. Wore some new clothes I like.HarndenAcneLUCCdiemSorry no shoe close-ups. Wasn't in a WAYWT mindset, strangely.
I got a medium from Silver and Gold and it's tiny in the shoulders, big in the chest and short on the sleeves. But I'm guessing they vary pretty wildly. Good luck.
Thanks! Good to know. I haven't seen it in many fits.
What's the general consensus on the classic shirt? I'm considering getting one in gray (on sale at Need Supply) but the pocket flaps without buttons is throwing me off. Seems like a nice basic otherwise. Anybody with a yay or nay? Thanks.
Bought this last year. Total Grail piece but it just doesn't look right on me as its cropped pretty severely. If you're reading this now you know the drill on these jackets. Totally sold out and not to be made again. The jacket is substantially made and tailored with impeccable attention to detail. Just check out the zipper pulls. So luxe and luscious. When I bought this last year used it had a faint smell of mens perfume. I have aired it out and had it dry cleaned and...
No branding on AW14, I guess. Not that it really matters. Wondering if that holds true for SS15?
As soon as my cobbler is done with them I have big plans. Couple weeks, he says. He's certainly a busy guy. And even he chastised me for asking for them sooner. "You godda lotta shooz. Why you need them so soon?"I had to just say okay.
Oiled horse. Strangely blue tint.
Two at a time. Seriously, though. I'm done. Got my CCP black derbies Cdiem blue derbies Cdiem brown back zips Cdiem workboots A1923 black/white hi tops A1923 black double zips A1923 workboots Guidi 698 black reverse horse Layer-0 ankle boots MOTO brown derbies. And I have found uses for all of them so far. Hell, these could have all ended up Prada/Gucci/SLP (which was the direction I was headed in) Edit: I suppose that's a lot.
New Posts  All Forums: