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Yes. 42s and fit is perfect.
After lusting after Doc's A1923 work boots I had to just go back and throw on my s52ms and welcome autumn in for real and be happy with what I have. For now.
I know they're not technically "baller" but I do love breaking out my MOTOs every fall. Made in Japan from Shinki Cordovan.
Boots? Shoes? Anybody? Beuller?
Damn. Too late.
Eastern Market? I recognize that stone.
Thanks. The drought here in MA has really given the grass some "texture".
Thanks, meng. Shirt is GBS, pants are LUC coated linen, boots are A1923.Cheers.
Quick fit with the PH 50/50 wool/linen long blazer from AW16 that just showed up today (er, I mean that I had to track my postman down for). I was iffy on getting it and a few folks had suggested it wasn't the best way to go. But I like it and I'm sure it will find a nice groove in with my other AW stuff. Just want to say that Eastern Market in Melbourne was wonderful to work with. Tossed in a nice shopper and Harnden CD (at least I think that's what it is). Good...
Thanks, Doc. Not until July. I'll be sure to let ya know.
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