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Someone smaller with swag should kop this velvet blazer @ $650 https://www.ebay.com/itm/222334462582
Yes, I love the few piece of Elena that I own, but I must admit they don't get a lot of wear. The raw seam thing is very cool, and for me it works in an on-stage setting, but it's definitely not for everyday wear. That said, the fabrics are exceptional, the workmanship is top notch and the price isn't over the top.As for button placement, yeah, her three-up-top-one-on-the-bottom is weird. But I've heard from my SA at Alan Bilzerian that they have successfully added...
Before these get listed I figured I'd give an IC on here. Roo leather. Picked up used and barely worn. Fits an average sized hand. PM me if interested. Thanks. [[SPOILER]]
For those of you with a winter, I'm assuming it's best to not keep leather footwear in a cold room like a mud room or vestibule that isn't routinely heated for extended periods of time. Any thoughts?
Add to that Alan Bilzerian in Boston. Insane US pricing but they get some nice pieces.Also, Elu in Aspen, CO. Mostly women's stuff on their site but I've been in contact with them re mens stuff as well.
What's up, Vegas? LGR shades Label Under Construction (pants/blazer) UNIS tee Guidi Bonus pic of me and Phish's Mike Gordon. We're here to see them for a few nights so this was a treat.
Ah, got it. Thanks.
Damn, those Iron Rangers are beautiful. I may have to look into those. I won't keep dragging the "baller" aspect of this forum down anymore. But thank you all for your time and comments.
Eh, he's young and doesn't have much dough to drop on shoes (told me he couldn't believe he was going to spend over $300 on shoes) and he's definitely not into the pre-distressed thing. I agree that the RW are better. Will check in on Vibergs.
Well, he saw a pic I posted of my collection and it piqued his interest. So I thought what the hell. Edit. He may be going the Allen Edmonds route: http://www.allenedmonds.com/shoes/mens-shoes/boots/normandy-boots/SF1660.html?dwvar_SF1660_color=1660 But thank you for your help.
New Posts  All Forums: