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Geoffrey B Small Edit. Added to post.
X-post from WAYWT.Some new stuff.Geoffrey B SmallAnnISm_moria [[SPOILER]]
Finally letting this go. Worn once for a fit pic. Size medium. Looking to get what I paid for it. PM me if interested. Thanks.
You got $6.00?http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/221878222686
[[SPOILER]] Picked up some new stuff over the summer. Happy fall, all.Geoffrey B SmallAnn DIndividual Sentimentsm_moria
How is the heel holding up? I find that's the first to take the brunt of wear on the couple of pairs I haven't vibramed.
You really lose that "baller" vibe right quick while clutching a handrail. At least the boots will survive pretty much anything.
Thanks for the comments guys. I'm sure the A last will add to the folds. Enjoying working that leather now that the fall is here. Still atiff as hell but I can see them becoming easier to wear each time I put them on. @docdocgs, definitely love to see some picsof yours after some wear. Best boots going IMO.
For me it's a matter of safety as much as longevity. I took a stupid tumble in my Guidi slip-ons down a few bare wood floors and decided then and there that it was a must for any leather soled shoes/boots no matter how pretty--and these were more slippery than most. But believe me, I didn't want to.
Thanks, man. I sent them to Willie's and got the "Eck Special" where they add the nails back (sadly, not wooden) I think they did a stellar job.
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