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I trust your assessment.
Wow. Those felt hats are steep.
Not really sure what to look for to see if the job was done well, but this is what she did to my batik Baker. Still fits a tad long in the arms but that's my fault for not going as short as I should have.(front) [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for starting this thread. Love my needles gray blazer SS14 and cutoff shorts in blue. Hoping to kop something from AW. I think the right combo on one of the flannels could be great but the vast majority I've seen are just nuts and huge.
Thanks for all that, guys. It seems that the flannels run pretty huge for the most part. I'm guessing that's due to the restructured nature of the garment. Looking forward to the Needles/Nepenthes thread as it's nice to see more of their stuff online. I've seen it on Inventory Store and Haven. Anywhere else in North America that carries it?
Yeah, I have a great plain gray jacket I got at Nepenthes in June. Love it. Just found out about the rebuild stuff. Probably wouldn't ever consider the ones with the ribbon sewn all in the front aren't my thing. But this has that sort of hippie, corduroy patch vibe that could be fun. Most of the color combos I've seen are pretty shocking. This one is the first "subtle" one I've found. I remember seeing some SFer here sporting one a while back. Can't remember who.
^^Thanks for your comment, Ghostface. Admittedly I just got it in today and didn't have much time with it on as it was pretty hot. Mainly wanted an opinion of if I should send it back quick. Now that I know the smalls are all gone it may be moot. As for the tailoring, I had one of my other EG jackets taken in at the shoulders (my SS14 batik Baker) and I think it was $20 or something and came out just fine to my eye. But thinking about it after looking at the pic from the...
Hmm. They're all out of smalls. I think with a thicker shirt underneath (which will be more or less essential when the weather gets mild enough to wear this) it'll fit better.I think.
Thanks, guys. Will keep the medium and shorten at the shoulders (or start standing with weights around my wrist for hours at a time). Cheers.
The p2p feels good, especially as I'm guessing I won't be really wearing this with a thin t shirt much. Will easily accommodate a flannel or chambray.The only reason I even suggest rolling the sleeves is because the lining is so damn nice! But where should it hit? Like a normal suit jacket at the crook of the thumb with arms down?Thanks for all your help.
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