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^^Makes sense to me. I guess I was trying to go with the more wide-angle shots like MoK does. But then again he's got his act together pretty well and it's more for appreciating than critiquing. Thanks again for your thoughts.
^^All good suggestions. Thanks. Been dropping the weight for a while (40 lbs over the last couple of years) with another 10-15 to go this SS, which I know I can make happen. The height i can't do much about. but I get the idea that a rounded top like the bomber might not work with the slim jeans.I appreciate the feedback. Cheers.
Any constructive advice is gold to me. Thank you for your thoughts.I really love the bomber--just got it last week--and I'd be thrilled to figure out a way to make it work in my wardrobe. I have a bunch of SLP pieces (two denims, the satin bomber and this one) and they're all cropped rather short. I'm hoping that my height (5'6") will work with them as they'll sit more or less at the belt line. I thought the purple would be a nice contrast against the black and the blue...
My first attempt at stacking my jeans. Always looking for suggestions as I evolve. Thanks.SLPEpauletSLPPaul SmithGlasses: LGR [[SPOILER]]
I never knew about stacking until just recently. So the jeans were shortened to trouser length a few years ago. But will certainly keep that in mind for the future.I wear 9.5 in shoes.As for the width, they're pretty narrow around my calves when I walk. Would you suggest 7"?
Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the jacket is a little long. It's tough at 5'6" and having to get large in most everything. I drop another ten pounds and the mediums are gonna be choice.I do love the jacket, though. And at the suggestion of another poster I had the legs on the jeans taken in to 7.5". Much happier. I don't think I'll be getting New Standards anymore.
[[SPOILER]] RickTodd SnyderAPCJulius x Siva
Edit: wrong thread. Sorry.
^^Wow! I tried to pick one I liked more but came up even. It's so hard to imagine what that leather feels like. It looks like freaking black bronze or something.
Thanks for all your suggestions. I actually bought these Marsells on eBay for $300 I should have them by next week. And I got a very nice pair of Julius x Siva spiral zips that I'm enjoying. I guess I was just struck with how nice those CCP Bison derbies were that Eton posted. I should probably just slow down and wait for the Marsells to come in. But the way people talk about stuff selling out so fast makes me anxious.
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