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Sleeves and back length (from base of collar to hem) both 28"Shoulders: 17"P2P: 22"Better pics here.
Code:They are and it is (almost).
Nice. I didn't see those anywhere. From where did you get them?
Hoto is getting it but I can't pay US prices. I'm spoiled by PN\P. I think their version is a different one than PN\P's as Hoto's is 60/40 wool/cotton and PN\P's is 100% wool.If they still have it next time I'm in NYC I'll give it a whirl.
So is anybody excited about anything this AW?I still can't fork over the dough for the Layer-0 long blazer without trying it on.Awaiting deets from Persuade on their PH delivery.Happy with my Archivo JM Ribot blazer but happily still too hot to wear it.IS coats look nice.KKA?Just curious.Edit: Somebody should buy this.http://archivesf.com/collections/kk-attachment/products/black-pinstripe-peak-lapel-3-button-blazerI paid full price for the sucker and do very much love it....
These look nice. $650 with free shipping from Japan. Kinda high IMO but still . . . https://www.ebay.com/itm/302045278540
As promised. Archivo JM Ribot purchased from Layers London.It's a great piece. The weight should be perfect for fall and you could even push it through to winter. But it's a great middle between summer linen and PH wool.I know his stuff has been compared to GBS a bit in the previews. Having owned two GBS blazers, a pair of pants and a shirt I can see where they are coming from. It's a ways from Geoffrey's effortlessness and attention to casual perfection but it's on the...
More to come.
I don't wanna argue with you, Graham. But I can assure you that my e28s are at best at an odorless state and I've worn them hard for going on two summers now. I have a pair of those socks you speak of and do wear them with my Guidi derbies and Layer-0 derbies. But there ain't nothing getting between me and my slip-ons. Kind of defeats the purpose, IMO.
Sorry to break up the poop party. But I love my Guidi e28 slip-ons. Pretty much wear them all summer long, without socks. They aren't as lightweight as, say, a pair of espadrilles but the calf version I got from Idol never feel constrictive and there has been no issue with dye transfer. Comfy as hell (for a flat sole) and I miss them every fall when they get put back on the shelf.
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