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Chillip, the thighs will only streth .5". When you wash, which you should do somewhat regularly to prolong the life of the denim, they will shrink back to the original size. You should be able to button them up as soon as you get them and if you're movement should not be constricted more than it would be in jeans that you already have and like. If they aren't comfortable in the seat and thighs initially, they will not be comfortable in the long run. I would try 33 and 34,...
That's one way to determine sizing. If the denim is so tight that it is difficult to put your hands in your front pockets, the jeans are a size too small. Tight in the pocket area means tight top block. Unless you are planning to sag them quite low in the future, this is not going to change.
Thighs on denim don't really stretch. You'll get about .5" of stretch and they will shrink back with each wash. I would say these are at least one size too small unless you like skin tight and can deal with restricted movement. I would definitely size up one.
Their sizing has definitely changed sometime over the last year and a half. I received a custom pair of buchers in March of 2011 and just got a pair of maliseets in the same size. I haven't measured but the maliseets are at least .25" shorter than my bluchers. Both sizes actually feel fine except I can't wear thick wool socks with the maliseets, which is fine.FWIW: If I had known about the change in Quoddy sizing, I would have ordered a half size up; though, the old...
I've only had this problem once and it was when I wanted to change the initial cuff size by a few mm after having the same cuffs for several months. Have you tried soaking the bottom of the jeans and then re-cuffing?
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Thighs don't stretch (more than about .25"). The solution is to size up and wear a belt to keep them on. If you want the waist and thighs to fit well, you may need to try a different N&F cut or a different brand with different cuts.
Yes, he is much more active over on Super Future. His sufu name is swiss-jeansfreak. Message him there or search for his thread here on sf. He has an impressive collection for his museum and seems to be a great guy from his posts.
You don't want your chinos to be stacked like denim, man. There should be no break or half break at most. They do not come up too high when sitting at all. My pants (not jeans) come up higher than that. Besides, when you're sitting behind the desk in the photo, are people really looking at or able to see your ankles? Unless you have some desire to double cuff, stick with the 30" inseam.Edit: Actually, your pants are too long for my taste. But that's coming from a person...
I'm not sure if you guys fail to do proper research, fail to measure your own bodies properly, or if you allow yourselves to be convinced by group think. THIGHS are the most important. This is written everywhere on sufu and has been for years. I've said it multiple times in this thread alone as have others. Who cares what size your waist is. Your thighs matter the most. When looking at a chart for a particular pair of jeans, pay attention to the thigh measurements before...
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