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what hair product are you using? looks good how do i get my hair like that? cut & product... looks awesome
why? whats wrong with brown sneakers?
should i go for them? i think they look cool, would go well with jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by stjoad Where do you live and where'd you buy it? i live in germany and i bought in in a german online shop (only one in germany selling this product i believe). Dont know if you can buy this in america, some shops probably ship worldwide. Thats where i bought it, they ship to Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Finnland, Norway, France, Great Britian, Italy, Luxemburg,...
got id hair extreme titanium about a week ago - definitly the best stuff i have used so far. very good hold (anyone who thinks that crew fiber has high hold - noooo for me its not!), nice matt look even when using alot of it, looks great in the hair and stays up all day without feeling greasy/hard. Smell is okay too, kinda sweet but not overwhelming. i kinda have soft/fine hair which is very straight. so almost no product keeps it up, just falls down after some time...
i own fiber and forming cream. i think forming cream is better, because it has the same hold but is more flexible while styling it. Also the forming cream makes the hair really soft and gives just a little amount of shine which makes the hair look more healthy. For me fiber was a huge dissapointment because of the medium hold (for me its nowhere near high hold!). But the problem i had with both products is: they dont hold up my straight, fine hair. I do have...
looking good > muscles guy i think girls dont dig the rly muscular guys, because at some point it just looks incredibly stupid (no offense .. well ok maybe a little). It doesnt mean stop working out, just change your training plan, more cardio less weights etc.
hm i dont know, i think the 514 is a little more loose. Id say its a 519, 511 or a 510 (really skinny), but i cant be sure.
hi people, im looking for this jeans: I think its a Levi's, bc of the backpocket and the label, but im not 100% sure. But im generally looking for a the model, since i like the cut of those jeans: Can anyone help? I think it could be a Levi 519, but its kinda hard to check, since Levis are not so extremly available as in america. (dont know a store with levi jeans in my location) THX
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