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Think any of these broads voted for McCaine?
What do you mean by date? If by date you mean going over to nail her once a week while her precious little shits watch tv, then yes date her.
I don't do dick. I used to work in sales and management, but I quit that shit. It was probably a bad idea with the economy the way it is. I'm currently trying to run a online store that sells dildos, but I don't know how the hell I'm going to get this shit up and running. It's hard being a 1 man band. You got nobody to tell you to get back to work or that your lunch break is over.
This may be a bit off topic, but have you considered a Nissan 370z? I know the performance numbers for the Z cars are almost compareable to 911's. The maintenance for the Z's are not even an issue. It's not a Porsche, but with a $30,000 price tag brand new it's worth every cent.
Quote: Originally Posted by hamish5178 Do I really need to explain this? Extra water, bread, fruit, salad, desert? Mostly the water, planes turn me into a piece of beef jerky. Fantastic idea! You could also trade the extra food for vegeterian items from your immediate neighbor, or someone on in the next aisle down. The possibilities are endless.
Better than sucking a dick I suppose.
Hmm no I was not in the first class lounge. Didn't even know one existed. It was the general boarding area.
When waiting for my flight to start boarding I always scope out the area and watch people. I mean hell, I've got about an hour to kill so why not look at people? Are you ever able to predict who is a first class ticket holding passenger? I think there are sure signs of this. I would say the way the person is dressed and their demeanor gives a lot away. There was this Asian gentleman standing by himself wearing a dark grey suit and carrying a leather bag of some...
What about standing in the middle of the aisle and asking the whole cabin if anyone wants to trade their chocolate brownie for your uneaten chicken? I'm sure someone liked the chicken and would be glad to make the trade.
I guess no one got the memo. Black people can wear whatever the hell they want and they're hip. I can't say anything about the whiteboy in the back, but every other person in the picture can do what they want.
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