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Hey, I bought a pair of SLP D02 Black raw denim in a 32, and they are perfect in the legs but loose in the waist. I was afraid they would stretch so I ordered what I thought was the same jean in size 30. However the ones I had are from 2015, and made in Japan. The size 30 I got from SSense are 2016 (obviously) and made in Italy. Is there a difference in the quality of the denim? Or should fit be my only concern in my choice? I am assuming they'll stretch a full size.
Brand new 100% cashmere navy topcoat from SuitSupply. Italian cashmere. Single breast pocket and 2 hand warmer pockets. Single vent, 3/4 length. Unworn and unaltered. $699 retail price, open to offers.
Hey, two items for sale that I picked up but are too small for me. Jort SuitSupply Suit - Fully canvassed construction, hand rolled lapel with peak AMF stitching. S150 wool fabric in light grey. Unlined with butterfly lining and sleeve lining only. Patch pockets, side tabs on trousers and button cuffs on trousers. Tags. No alterations, everything is original with selvedge to let out anywhere, and lots of length. Size 32R $500 OBO (retail is $999) Also have the same suit...
Hey guys, not sure if this is the correct spot for this. But I recently got some abrasivato double monks and was wondering what the best kind of leather care and polish to use with them and not lose their unique look and burnishing? Thanks!
Interested if anyone knows as well
It's like an extended chukka boot with a zipper on the inside. I can't seem to find anything like it.
I really like these side zip/lace boots that are made by Bottega Veneta. However, they are sold out and are selling for more then retail on places like eBay. Does anyone know of a boot that looks the same/similar from a different company? Looking for something that is high quality, but doesn't need to be as high quality as the original. Thanks
What if I ordered it from the US and had it shipped to the UK?
Yes because it would still be $200, since the autumn14 20% off code would negate the tax I believe.
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