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Interested if anyone knows as well
It's like an extended chukka boot with a zipper on the inside. I can't seem to find anything like it.
I really like these side zip/lace boots that are made by Bottega Veneta. However, they are sold out and are selling for more then retail on places like eBay. Does anyone know of a boot that looks the same/similar from a different company? Looking for something that is high quality, but doesn't need to be as high quality as the original. Thanks
What if I ordered it from the US and had it shipped to the UK?
Yes because it would still be $200, since the autumn14 20% off code would negate the tax I believe.
haha if they can actually ship it you I would gladly send you money for it.
I contacted them and it's just a new rule with Barbour, they cannot ship them outside the EU.
Yes. In a size medium and using the coupon code : Autumn14
Sorry if this is against the rules, I will delete it. But I want to buy a Barbour Ashby from End Clothing, however they will no longer ship outside of the EU. Wondering if any of you EU guys could proxy me it. Thanks!
Brand new, lost the tags, but only tried on. Perfect condition and beautiful details. Retails for $185, open to offers. Description from Epaulet: The Asbury is our take on the classic "jean jacket." Our aim was to preserve all of the traditional details, optimize the fit, add utility with functional pockets, and use the finest denim and most meticulous construction. We wanted to create the best jean jacket that you have ever worn, and we're confident that this piece will...
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