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Hey guys.. I just bought these from clearance at springs.. how does it go for just casual shoes to walk around in campus ? Does it look horrid? I would much prefer them in suede.. but its in clothe obviously these are cheap shoes and they prolly will last like 2-3 months.. but they increase the amount of variety I have..those cost 17 bucks.. so what do u guys think? if they are ugly and just ugh terrible, ill return them. also what about these for 60 bucks??
sorry i am not too familiar with that that is..
My gf is going down to NYC for the wkend of the 20th this month. I been looking at a nice pair of wingtips for the longest time.. I want her to bring them back from the states since I live in canada and the selection or the price isnt the greatest here. Is there any sales going on at that time or a store where I can grab a pair of AE for cheaper price? also some other brands of nice looking wingtips for bout 300 bucks? what else should i ask her to bring back that is...
and this ?
o come on, i think its a great look =)
Its my first time buying a contrast collar shirt.. I do not know what looks really good. this will be worn for formal and casual night outs..(with a jacket or vest).. more latter what about this one?? Thanks =D
I just ordered a pair of light brown(sand color) DB.. Now what kind of stuff do I wear with it? Its my first pair!!
Under armor. Best i have ever worn. you barely feel it and its very flexible if you sweat, it dries extremely fast, odor control, heat gear. Good shit. you can buy the compression fit if you wear skinny jeans
thanks! i guess it wont be a problem if the top half is already dirty and worn?
I just got my 1k today! Fit like a glove. It was a nice walk to school and back, however i noticed that the contact with the pavement has already worked on the front half of the boots and started on the stitching.. so i was wondering if I should add sole to the front half to prevent the stitching from breaking apart? can any shoe shop do this? how much will it cost?
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