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Dear Gents, I hope this is the right place to put this. I am looking for an Eddie Bauer "mens long sleeve linen bush shirt." It's style number is Dept.#034 Item#6301 Vendor#02051. I will pay what you think is fair for it. I am looking for a medium but will actually take any other size; that right, even XXL. The shirt is basically a cotton/linen blend safari shirt. It was sold by Eddie Bauer I think last spring. It only comes in two colors, white and light blue. It...
I have one and my brothers liked it. One is a medium/large and the other is HUGE. If there is a small out there, I win too. I will try to move the message. Sorry about that and thanks for the heads up.
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This reminds me of white tourist in Peru buying and wearing the traditional Inca mountain attire. And their dope website looks like Mortal Combat when you are selecting a fighter and wondering how functional that skirt with leather pants would be in real life combat.
Sorry to revive a dead horse but I ride bikes a little bit and I came across these cool cats that made their own line for cyclists. It's called OUTLIER. I bought one of their shirts just for riding and it was so cool that I looked at their "about" page and saw some youtube vids about how they make this stuff. Apparently, they didn't know anything about pattern making and it seemed as if they didn't know anything about drawing either for that matter. I spent like 3 hours...
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